Thursday, 30 October 2014

GIVEAWAY : Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQL641P 6KG 1400 spin washing machine

We have teamed up with the Co-operative electrical to bring you one of the most awesome give-aways we have even been involved with. We are giving away a Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQL641P 6KG 1400 spin washing machine in white. With the festive season rapidly approaching we are giving you to opportunity to win a little treat for you and your laundry. 

The Hotpoint Aquarius 6KG 1400 spin washing machine is rated A+ for energy efficiency and has a spacious 6kg drum ideal for any busy family home. We have a very similar size and specification washing machine and it copes with our three children's continuous clothing demand easily.

The machine has some innovative features including Anti-Stain which has been developed to tackle 20 of the most stubborn of stains in one wash. Use the Anti-Allergy cycle to help protect your family from major allergens with a combination of rinse stages and higher temperatures. You can find out more about the Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQL641P 6KG 1400 spin washing machines features on the Hotpoint website.

This washing machine is a really great addition to any family household and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this is fill out the raffelcopter below.

(Full terms and conditions)

With innovative features such as Anti-Stain, this cycle will remove 20 of the most difficult stains in one wash. - See more at:
With innovative features such as Anti-Stain, this cycle will remove 20 of the most difficult stains in one wash. - See more at:

With innovative features such as Anti-Stain, this cycle will remove 20 of the most difficult stains in one wash. - See more at:
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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October Degustabox UK Review

Its that fantastic time of the month again...... Degustabox time!! We were so excited to receive the box as always, I just love the surprise of what you are getting. The delivery text was successfully received which is brilliant as it gave us a two hour time frame for delivery..... always good when planning around little ones! My wife will very soon have an unboxing video up on her personal YouTube channel if any of you would like to see that.

A Degustabox can be yours for just £12.99 a month incl delivery and you can buy for yourself or as a gift for someone! So without further ado let me talk you through this months amazing box and its contents.

This months absolute favourite has to be the Brioche rolls, the little ones wanted to get them open before we had even finished unboxing (they are a firm favourite and a big hit in our house).

Brioche Pasquier Pain Au Lait with Choc Chips RRP £1.60

They are a favourite in our house anyway but it has to be said they are super tasty. The recipe is the same as the Pain Au Lait but with chocolate chips and I have to say they just take so soft and yummy. Some chocolate brioche rolls can be a little dry but these are not, they are amazing.

 Brioche Pasquier Sliced Brioche Loaf RRP £1.69

This loaf was so convenient as its sliced and it was scrumptious as well. Its made using the same ingredients as the rolls and again it was so soft and tasty. Fabulous product for a sandwich, toast or even part of a recipe.

Kent's Kitchen Tikka Massala Meal Kit RRP £2.50

This is such a genious idea! Instead of using a jar sauce you add some fresh ingredients to this and voila a healthy restaurant quality meal that you can be proud of. I also think this would be a great product to keep in the cupboard for those days you don't quite know what you want and don't want to spend ages in the kitchen. These are ready in just 20 minutes and come in five different flavours.

Solo Marshmallow Creme RRP £1.99

This product is a spreadable marshmallow which can be used either on toast, in a recipe or even straight out of the tub! My wife was very excited about this product as she loves to bake and so can't wait to find a recipe to use it with! Solo Marshmallow is available at and comes in toasted or orignal flavours.

Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce RRP £1.39

This product is advertised as 'Britain's Best Tasting Sweet Chilli Sauce' and I have to say I agree. We have tried it drizzled over a meal to give it some flavour and also in a recipe and it was so good!!

Bear Alphabites

These were a sample present and I fear my children will be fighting over who gets to have them for breakfast!! We had the big box in our June Degustabox and they absolutely loved them. They were a huge hit and as they have no nasty things added and are made with five tasty grains they are super good for young tummys!!

Special K Cracker Crisps RRP £1.29

These were really tasty and you wouldn't be able to guess they were 60% less fat than an average packet of crisps. They come in four flavours: Sea salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, Sweet Chilli and Barbecue. We received the Barbecue ones to review and they did not disappoint and happily the whole family enjoyed them so it is a good one for us to share.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans RRP £2.50
We love Jelly Beans with over 100 true-to-life flavours who wouldn't? We received the Sour ones to sample and it's not something we would have bought as we'd have gone for the safe 'normal' flavours but they were amazing!! We had great fun tasting them and pulling faces. So much fun over one packet of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

Get Buzzing bar RRP £1.30

This is a 100% natural flapjack bar which makes a great tasty healthy snack. It was really yummy and is brilliant for slow release energy!! If you head over to to see the new range you can get 10% off your first order with the discount code 'newbuzz10'. Enjoy guys!

Enhance Drinks RRP £2.49

This genious little pot is perfect for handbags, saving space in your cupboard and it super cute! You just add one quick squeeze to water to transform the water into a lovely fruity drink with natural flavour. It is made with real fruit juice and no added sugar which is a must for children in my eyes.

Dr Oetker Fine Dark Cocoa Powder RRP £1.89
Dr Oetker Premium 90% Extra Dark Chocolate RRP £2.49

We haven't used these yet but as I mentioned earlier my wife is super excited to get baking and we are a big fan of Dr Oetker products and can't wait to use them. The cocoa powder is specifically created for home baking and is pre packed into handy pre measured 25g sachets! The chocolate is brilliant for melting/breaking into chunks for chocolate recipes that will give you a rich, delicious flavour.

Bear Paws Fruit Snack RRP £0.55

This product went down amazing well with my three children, it is a pure fruit snack with no added sugar or any other nonsense. The little pieces are baked into paw prints and were really tasty. Definitely something we would buy again!!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

WoodPic UK Wood Print Review and Giveaway

We were delighted to be given the opportunity to review a very new and original way of creating beautiful wall art from WoodPic UK. The company have offered us in exchange for our thoughts on their product a 11"x11" Wood print. To say we were excited about the prospect of getting our print was an understatement, we opened the laptop immediately and began to choose the picture we wanted.

Woodpic create the beautiful wood prints here in the UK which in this day and age makes this product even more unique. The Woodpic inspiration page , not to dissimilar in layout to that of a Pinterest board which I think is a wonderful aid in offering us some inspiration. Being a parenting based blog I have shared below some images from this page which I felt inspired me as a parent.

WoodPic offer us an stylish and new way to display prints in or homes, they use experts who handcraft every wood print to ensure the best results. They are the first of their kind to open in the UK, the company are very keen for everyone to have a great experience choosing and creating their own personalised wood art. WoodPics are engrained direct onto sustainable 12mm thick ply wood which beautiful shows through the natural grain of the wood.

When we got on to WoodPicUK's website we found it very easy to navigate and found the method of uploading and cropping your desired image exceptionally efficient and easy to use. Our initial contact with the company was great and this gave use a lot of excitement when waiting for the WoodPic print to arrive. We only had to wait 6 days for our print to be delivered, it came to us in a very neat compact box which looked very professional. The wood print was protected with four specifically designed plastic corner pieces for protection.

When we opened our Woodpic print we fell in love with it immediately, it looked great you can see us opening The Woodpic Uk wood print in this special video on our family daily vlog channel.We choose a very important day in Charlies live to have engrained into our WoodPic print, his first day at school. This now has pride of place on our wall at the bottom of the stairs and looks great. The WoodPic comes with a hanging hook, two screws and two handy clear rubberised sticky pads. The pads are great because they space the picture off the wall evenly and offer friction to stop it moving on the wall.

We are very very happy with our Woodpic and love that it is a unique talking point in our house now. If you wanted to get one for yourself I have some great discount codes which I have left for you below. We are also running a competition for you to win your very own personalised 11"x11" Woodpic print on 12mm Ply.

11x11" Woodpic - £15.99 (online £39.99) CODE W1111
15x10" Woodpic -
£19.99 (online £52.99) CODE W1510
23x15" Woodpic -
£44.99 (online £99.99) CODE W2315

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

TaoTronics TT-FT02 Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

We were kindly sent the TaoTronics TT-FT02 Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter for review which could not have come at a better time. Recently we have changed our car and I have been looking for a solution to allow me to listen to my music in the car. I'm a huge fan of music and if I can not listen to my play-lists which I have created on Spotify at least once a week I get a bit narky. To say I was excited about receiving TaoTronics TT-FT02 was an understatement.

Firstly, I received an email confirmation that my FM Transmitter had been despatched and it gave an estimated delivery date. When the product arrived it was neatly packaged and came with a detailed instruction manual. With products like this I always think its a test of how user friendly they are by not reading the instructions and just trying it out. I was very pleased that within a few minutes of using the product I was able to work out most of the functions. The first thing I needed to do was connect to it via bluetooth on my Samsung Galaxy, a quick scan soon showed TT-FT02 as a device.

I have been nothing but surprised by this little product its very easy to use and works incredibly efficiently. The first time of asking it found a clear FM channel and locked on to it, then when I tuned the car radio in to that frequency displayed my music played perfectly.

What can you do with the TaoTronics TT-FT02 Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter ? You can easily search for new clear FM frequencies on the device which is handy on long car journeys where you encounter lots of different local radio stations. There is also a fine adjustment knob which will allow you to tweak the frequency to the exact number you want. You can adjust the volume on the device by twisting a knob. You are able to charge, via the USB port, your phone for example. The device allows you to skip songs by pressing the arrows near the display. You have a hands free option in car call ability.

The main cylinder part of the device can be pulled apart and it has a medium battery life and will still work for about half an hour before it gives up.

I have been thoroughly impressed with this product an it has fulfilled my need for a device that can play my music through the car stereo system. To this day I still have not had a need to pick the instruction manual up because everything about the product just worked and was obvious. I really really like this product and would highly recommend it. The TaoTronics TT-FT02 Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter can be purchased on Amazon for £29.99 (Which is a sale price)

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Impact of Family Inheritance Issues on the Family

The Impact of Family Inheritance Issues on the Family

The inheritance you leave behind can have profound effects on those who survive you. Any cash gift will drastically improve the lives of those left with expensive funeral costs, while sentimental possessions will go a long way to providing desperately needed closure. Unfortunately, however, almost 30 million people in Britain are reported to have no Last Will and Testament prepared, a fact that invites unwanted problems at passing. But what are these problems, specifically?

Dying Intestate

Dying intestate is legal talk for dying without a will. This means that on your passing you have no legal direction to divide your estate as per your wishes, leaving the State to handle all of your life's work under the direction of the frustrating UK Intestacy Laws. To avoid this, simply draft your Last Will and Testament before anything happens; Coles Solicitors can ensure that your estate stays well out of the reach the intestacy laws.

But back to dying intestate: Instead of your children, your spouse or your close personal friends being able to benefit from this unexpected tragedy, the government will disperse your estate in the most appropriate way they see fit – a process which will rarely mirror what you would have wanted.

In a nutshell, only your spouse will be entitled to the bulk of your estate (as well as a small percentage set aside for any children). This means that your siblings, your parents and your nearest and dearest won't receive anything for the most part – despite what you might have promised/the particulars of their own circumstances. In the case that you are not married, however, the estate will likely be left to your parents in a 50/50 split, regardless of the personal relationship between yourself and either parent. And, in the event that you are divorced with joint-owned property, separated from your spouse or a single parent, the law becomes more convoluted and difficult to predict. As a warning, however, especially after divorce or separation, expect a large proportion of your estate to go to the ex – despite the circumstances of your breaking up.

Personal Effects on the Family

Neglecting to produce a will, then, can have deep-routed effects on the family. Not only will they feel cheated, but in the case that other parties need to be located to dispensate your funds, they will have no choice but to front all legal costs to do. Consider the cautionary tale of Richard Moore, a man who, upon his dying intestate, relinquished his entire estate 50/50 to his mother and his father – despite barely knowing his father his entire life. Can you imagine what this can do to a family? To see the legacy and the hard-work of a close member thrown in the proverbial bin, to see people who absolutely don't deserve it smugly accept their cheque for something they never did anything for? Now don't get me wrong, money is not the issue here. It is what that money represents – your time on Earth, your legacy, and your hard-work. And would you like to see that of a sibling or parent fall unjustifiably into the wrong hands?

Personal conflict will almost certainly arise, especially when either party feels cheated. This can cause long, drawn-out and uncomfortable legal battles, and can leave an irreparable feeling of frustration muddying your memory forever. Don't let this happen. Draw up a will.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

September Degustabox Review Little Miracles Special

It's that time of the month again, Degustabox time and this months box was a real delight to receive. I have been very impressed by all of the product in one way or another. We received our text confirmation for delivery this month which was great for planning with kids. The box was well received by everyone and we actually filmed an un-boxing video on our daily vlog channel The Gibblets September Degustabox Unboxing you can sense everyone excitement.

The star product this month has to be the Little Miracles because I loved the flavours all of which were really great. I have begun the review with this months star product which I have actually been wanting to try for months.

Little Miracles RRP £1.39

I have been wanting to try the Little Miracles Organic Energy drinks for along time I was very pleased to get to try them in the Degustabox. I preferred the Green tea drink but I wish drinks companies would stop putting ginger in the beverages. In the Little Miracles Organic Energy drinks Green Tea flavour the Ginger is only just distinguishable which makes it bearable for me. I really do not like ginger :-)

Little Miracles Organic Energy drinks are sweetened with agave, less than 90 calories and free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Considering the amount of crap they ram into other energy drinks it makes these beverages real Little Miracles.

Burts RRP £2.07

I was a big fan of these I like that you can have a tasty snack from a well know brand and it isn't going to be that bad for you ! My favourite flavour was the Thai Sweet Chilli and I thought you got a really nice portion size.

Righteous RRP £2.49 225 ml Bottles

We have three funky flavours to try and they all look great we like the Raspberry and Sweet basil dressing the most. All the flavours are really unique and we love the look of the packaging and branding.

Jordans Simply Granola RRP £2.69

I have never tried Granola before but now am a real fan, I thought the Granola cruncy baked oats with a hint of honey were so so tasty. We found the resealable packaging great and the fact you get lots in a pack makes them last all week.

Pick Me RRP £1.69

Now these were a real treat they were very difficult to put down they really felt like a solid biscuit. Some times biscuits can feel light and airy and feel a bit cheap. The Pick Up! Biscuits are great they feel like luxury biscuits and taste great, you are not let down when you open them up.

Elizabeth Shaw RRP £2.50

The best way I can describe the taste is after eights, but you get the feeling the thins have been crafted and lovingly made. These were a big hit with the family, it was great because there were plenty in the pack so 5 hungry mouths were not disappointed.

Carnation £1.65/unit

We are undecided whether we liked coking with these or not, we followed the recipe for carbonara which was on the back of the pack. I personally thought the meal was pleasant, however the kids didn't like it and neither did my wife. We often cook carbonara from scratch so maybe this is the problem our expectations were to high.

Crabbies Lemonade RRP £1.20

This was a lovely tasting Lemonade which has been ruined by the presence of yet again to much blooming Ginger. Everyone took one sip and I'm sad to say the rest was poured away. It will always be a problem for us if the drink contains Ginger, we were really looking forward to trying this lemonade.

Crabbies Zesty Lemon RRP £1.50

I was pleasantly surprised by this product I had thought it would have had an over whelming lemon taste yet I found it to be light and refreshing and a joy to drink. Sometimes with the fruit alcohol drinks they are too easy to drink fast,with the Crabbies Fruits Zesty Lemon you feel like you actually want to take it slow and enjoy it. I would be more than happy to buy this product.

La Vieja Fabrica RRP £1.59

The marmalade was a real delight it was light refreshing and tasty, sometimes marmalades can be to bitty but this is really clear. The product clearly focuses on the taste and I think it has made for a delightful spread.

This months box was great if you want to follow Degustabox on social media I have left their links below.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Mr Longlegs : Fly puppet goes viral on the Gibblets

If you are not already one of the 97,933 people who have viewed the Viral video on my YouTube channel then you can catch it here, Four year olds fly puppet makes huge UK spider LEAP !!!! Some have been calling it a Green fanged spider, funnel web spider, monster spider, beast but we all know him as Mr Longlegs affectionately named by my four-year old Charlie. This week on our family vlog update we will focus on what has happened with the Spider fly puppet video but will also cover the other videos from the week.

So how did it become such a viral hit?

It all started when the local paper Plymouth Herald shared the video as an online story, the video started to pick up views and become popular. Then ITV Westcountry decided to run the story on their website. After a quick twitter interview it ended up being the most popular story on the national page. With this national exposure the video on YouTube started to pick up some serious views. Then some national papers ran the story The Mirror and The Telegraph to mention a few. We were also shocked that a number of popular online sites like Bubblews and Metro had the story.

With this type of exposure it was no surprise really that some press offices were in touch and we ended up having to do some interviews on camera. You can catch this 'Media storm' in our vlog episode called The Media Storm you see in this video how early everyone had to get up. I think its great because it shows the Media Storm from our perspective and you also see me at the end of the video on ITV News my moment on the TV.

The Online community which I'm apart of have been so shocked by the sucess of the video that most have sent some kind of message of congratulations. I have been humbled I feel that I'm apart of such a special community because we all support each other so much in sucess and over troubled times. I have to thank everyone so much for their messages and if I have missed your comment then I'm sorry I have not intentionally missed anyone's message on Facebook or twitter. 

The Gibblets Vlog Weekly round up 

Jamie Oliver Pizza Party (Year 1 Episode 84) 29 September 2014

The week has been obviously very focused around the viral video but the highlight of this weeks videos before things went very crazy has to be the episode called Jamie Oliver Pizza Party. In this episode after a slow start playing some toot toot road and a failed trip to buy a new gold fish we head to the pizza party. The party is for my dad who turned 52 last week. My uncle built an authentic Jamie Oliver inspired Pizza oven and then used his recipes to cook a host of pizzas. Considering he worked as a very highly regarded chef you can imagine the food was good. Click the image to see this vlog episode.

Degustabox Unboxing 

Not apart of the daily vlog episodes but this separate video is well worth a watch, it has some really unique and interesting products inside to see. There will be a post coming soon reviewing the products but until then you can click on the image to view the video. 

This weekly round up post is something I will write every week, it will allow you to get an idea of what we have been up to in the week. Obviously this week has been very focused around Mr Longlegs but in time it will be the perfect way for me to merge the vlog and blog together. Let me know in the comments if you like the idea of this type of post.


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