Thursday, 10 July 2014

Memoirs 19 Months

Olivia my sweet little girl, you have become a fully functioning little human you literally understand everything and try and communicate back. I have seen so much change in you this month, you are at a lovely age just pre terrible twos. You have also started to pronounce the words you say beautifully it really is so cute. I have also noticed you are eating lots more, you must be growing as well ! You are going to be tall elegant and slender. I hope you enjoy reading these one day when you are big and all grown up too see how much I love you.

Lets begin, you have all of a sudden begun to actively show mummy and daddy that you understand everything we say. No matter how complicated a sentence we say to you you'll always respond correctly. Sometimes you'll say a word, sometimes start doing something or just let us know in your own little way. We have begun to keep a daily vlog of our activities, if you look back at some of the episodes from the beginning then you'll see how well you communicate with us. I come how from work and you really light up my life, because you still get super excited when you see me.

This month has seen some speech improvements this has helped you a lot and is probably the reason why all of a sudden you understand everything. Your absolute favourite thing to say at the moment is 'love you' but you say it in the cutest accent you can possibly can.

You must have been growing over this last month because you eat so much, I wish I could eat as much as you and not get fat, Mummy and Daddy have to be careful. You will swoop in on the boys breakfasts as soon as they finish them which is really funny. We have caught you a few times on the vlogs munching away on the boys breakfasts.

There have been so many highlights this month with the cute things you do and the not to cute things either way we love them. The cheekiest moment was when you learnt to climb the ladder for the boy bunk bed giving us one more thing to worry about. This is followed by a close second which is you have learnt to stand on the edge of the bath and reach the tooth paste which you lie to eat.

I love you little girl and never stop being you .

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Vita CoCo Kids Review

We were kindly sent some drink cartons to try from Vita Coco Kids. Charlie, Harry and Olivia were very excited to get their hands on the parcel as it had been sat on the side all day before I got home from work. The kids had to be calmed down momentarily whilst I grabbed some photographs for this review. Charlie reluctantly looking mildly pleased about being made to wait whilst I snapped away. He is so good really, if we tell him to stop and wait he will always listen. His brother on the other hand has to be taken away !

The kids loved the drink, they were really tasty considering Vita Coco drinks are all-natural, super-hydrating, fat-free, cholesterol-free, nutrient-packed, potassium-stacked, mega-electrolyte coconut water! They really are a really healthy thing to have in your lunch bag for when out and about. The pictures below although blurry shows something I think is really neat, the straw can easily sit in two positions. This allow the straw to be pushed in further to get the last of the drink out.

We really liked the drink it tasted amazing, we were sent two flavours Apple and blackcurrant and Mango and Pineapple. The boys favourite was the Apple and Blackcurrant but I like the Mango and pineapple personally.

We like almost every aspect of this drink, there was one really annoying thing about this drink. Each drink when I poked the straw through seemed to really easily spill the juice out, not matter how carefully I held the carton each time it went everywhere. If we were buying this regularly I think it would get on my nerves.

I love how good the drink tastes mixed with how good it is for our kids, just not the mess the cartons make.

*We were sent these free of charge for our honest thoughts on the product.*

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The I'm Proud of That Link-Up [#iPotLinkup] #20

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Monday, 7 July 2014

Coffee Shop, enjoy the experience

We found ourselves in one of the many coffee shops in town at the weekend, this one is my particular favourite so I thought I'd share with you guys. I took some pictures of the family enjoying drinks from the Americano Coffee shop in Plymouth. Originally only me and Olivia were in the shop giving mummy some peace so that she could shop for shoes. Katy and the boys (aka her little helpers) eventually joined us after finding the perfect pair from Dorothy Perkins.

When they joined us I went to the counter and ordered our drinks. I had an Americano with milk,Mummy and Charlie had a chocolate milkshake, Harry had strawberry and poor old Olivia had spoonfuls of everyone's in a separate cup. Luckily she did not have a spoonful of my coffee !

The kids were really well behaved mainly thanks to the fact they couldn't go anywhere because the railing behind their chairs blocked them in. We always aim for the two areas just as you get in the doors so the kids are contained. It makes life so much more relaxing not having to worry about them running off.

We are now running a daily vlog and this trip to the coffee shop was captured on video if you want to see more videos from the daily vlog then you can over on our Youtube channel called The Gibblets.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

My Family Photo Album

We have had a good week, the family is getting used to being filmed 24/7 for the vlog videos and so far it has been working out fine. I have found whilst getting used to Youtube, video editing and rendering I have struggled to keep up with posts on my blog. I love vlogging it is so personal and I love sharing everything with you guys. On Saturday morning we went for a walk to a local castle ruin its totally free to visit, the ruin is just part of a park. The kids loved clambering all over the wall and running around, although I was the only one up the top with them for along so it did become stressful. Mummy decided to come up because she heard be scream where has Harry gone and then I went silent !!! You will be able to see all about our walk to the castle in Mondays Vlog upload.

My Sunday Photo

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Top 5 Tips for successful swimming sessions with kids

Top 5 tips for sucessful swimming sessions with kids

We have been taking Charlie for swimming lessons for nearly a year now and his confidence is really coming along now. His younger brother Harry has just started his first swimming lessons, his first one was last Saturday. His lesson after the half term break will fall just before Charlie session which is lucky, if they were spread out our Saturdays would be put under even more time pressure. One of the best skills you can teach children at this age (3-4 years old) is swimming once they have learnt it will stay with them for life. Being able to competently swim could be important for future job opportunities, having fun or saving their own or someone else life.