Sunday, 1 March 2015

Butlins Bognor Regis Wave Hotel and Accommodation

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Butlin's Bognor Regis offers guests a number of options when it come to accommodation to suit every budget and requirement. You may opt to stay in the one of the rooms or suites available or you maybe feeling like living it up a little and decide for one of the super modern hotel rooms. Take a look at our video of the Wave hotel below to get a feel for the rooms, reception, Soho coffee shop and games room.

Butlin's Bognor Regis Accommodation
  • The Ocean, Wave or Shoreline Hotel offers rooms, apartments or staterooms
  • Apartments range from Standard, Silver or Gold
  • Rooms offer Silver or Deluxe Suites
We stayed in one of two adjoining rooms which sleeps up to 8 people, the arrangement we had was basically me and my wife in one room and my parents in the other. Charlie and Harry slept in the room with my parents whilst Olivia was in with us as she wakes up frequently still. The rooms had separate bunk bed rooms just off the main room corridor which lead to the bathroom. This proved very popular with all the kids.

When we entered the room there was an overwhelming sense of comfort with ultra modern soft furnishing in a clean and airy room. The kids were immediately into the bunk bed room and began to operate the TV's on either bunk as we frantically removed their shoes. On the bed made from one of the bath towel was a lovingly crafted Elephant which the kids, and me if we are being totally honest, found hugely impressive.

When coming to unpack our bags we found that the room had in built wardrobes with ample shelf and hanging space which was a real bonus. The kids bunk bed rooms also have lots and lots of shelf space to neatly organise their cloths. The bathroom had a super stylish sink and really nice side with lots of space for toiletries. The shower and toilet were both sparklingly clean and this attention to cleanliness from the housekeeping team is expertly delivered.

The room also has two bedside tables, dressing table with mirror and hairdryer, coffee table, iron and ironing board, safe, two comfortable chairs and a poof for feet. TV wise there is one main TV in front of the bed and two one on each bunk bed.

I particularly liked having the balcony it allowed us to have that little bit of breathing space outside with out having to go anywhere. I would have liked to enjoy more time on the balcony however due to the cold you couldn't often spend to long sat out there. I felt very comfortable with having the kids out there (Supervised) as there were no gaps big enough to get body parts through.

The hotel its self seemed to be kept very warm, I'm not sure if this is how hotels have to be kept but at times it felt uncomfortable in the corridors. The rooms had air conditioning units which helped a little too cool things down but we found opening the sliding door slightly the most effective way.

Overall we were very happy with our room, however if you are looking to self cater lunchtimes for you little's ones in the room you may find it a struggle with limited table top space.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Glitterbelle Paragon book buddy review

Hey guys it is that time of the month again where we talk books, this month as part of the blogger paragon book buddy scheme we were kindly sent Glitterbelle activity books. We were sent two activity books each came with something on the front which the kids could play with.

The first book is called Glitterbelle Doodle Dazzle Create and is a beautifully presented book with a lovely girly front cover. The item on the front of this book was a sparkly tin notepad which has gone down very well. Its cute and small without being too small for little hands.

The story features little activities for the child to do throughout the book and each activity ties in with the story for example when the girls in the story write invites for their sleepover there is then a page with an invite on for you to colour in.

The second book is called Glitterbelle Dazzling Dress-Up and features 30 glittery nail stickers. This book is probably my favourite!!! It has over 400 fashion stickers and the girls in the pictures in the book are in vest and pants so that you can stick the stickers on top and 'dress' the pictures. It is a little girls dream!! So so much fun to be had with these books and they would make awesome presents for someone!

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Monday, 9 February 2015


Degusta box

We were contacted by the delivery company who gave us a time slot for delivery, I think over the past few months the fact we get these texts and emails is so handy. Busy people who may not be able to be in when the delivery is scheduled can change the time slot by replying to the messages. We were very pleasantly surprise to receive such good healthy treats especially because of the over indulging I'm sure everyone took part in over December. If you want to join in the fun a get a surprise I have a special discount code . SRBV9 This entitles you to a £3.00 discount when registering.

However if you just like the idea of the surprise and you want to see us open the box every month then subscribe to our daily vlog channel The Gibblets. We film our lives from morning to bedtime everyday.

Sukrin bread mix

Low-carb versatile free-from sunflower and pumpkin seed bread mix a delicious gluten-free bread with only 1 gram of carbs per slice, free from wheat, egg, sugar, yeast and soya. Use Sukrin bread mix as a base to make tortilla wraps, pizza base, burger buns and more.

Little Miracles

One of our favourite items to receive in these boxes energy drinks and little miracles never disappoint. Two new flavours which I have not had the chance to try arrived in this months box which was very exciting.

Alfa one rice oil

Nutritionally well balanced and proven to reduce cholesterol Alfa one is the first choice for a healthy option for any dish.

Koko Dairy Free

Unique alternative to cows milk, made from freshly pressed coconut.

Kabuto Noodles

Delicious combination of authentic oriental flavours, prepared with skill and care.

Finn Crisp

Crunchy Finn Crisp original reflects Nordic cuisine, using only natural ingredients.

Simplee aloe

Natural, never from concentrate bringing the goodness of aloe to the masses.


Top porridge pots are the perfect way to start your morning with the addition of syrup and nutella potions you can make it as sweet as you want.


Deliciously chunky vegetables in a tangy mustard sauce perfect for sandwiches, burgers or BBQ's

Clipper green tea

Free sample pack is blooming alright in our book !

I must apologise for the miss mash of pictures we as a whole family have had it fairly tough this month. Follow Degustabox on Twitter, Facebook or visit their website for more information. Link below. - website - Facebook -Twitter

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Gibblets 365 - 1-10/365

//1.New Year Leftovers//2.Challenging Day//3.Nanny and Granddads//4.That kind of morning//5.Party Time//6.Late evening banana//7.Playing time//8.Toilet Milestone//9.Charlies first school club//10.Making friends
So this is my first full week complete plus the other three days before the start of the week last Sunday. I'm linking up with The Boy and Me linky aptly named 365 follow the linked badge below to see the latest link-up. I upload the photographs on Instagram as I go to see more about the way I'm doing my 365 project see my 365 Introduction.
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Goodbyes for now.
TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Thursday, 1 January 2015

#Gibblets365 Introduction

This year I want to do my own 365 Project, I tried to do one two years ago but found the prompts to be uninspiring. I discovered something within my photography which helped me realise how I want to approach this year. Only you can decide what inspires you and ultimately that mean only you can decide what you want to shoot, I think this way you get much better results.
I want my 365 Project to be a reflection or an interpretation of my year. The only guidelines I'm going to be giving myself is that the photo must in some way represent, reflect or show the viewer something about my day. I also want to give each photo a short title/name to aid the reader in understanding the reason for the photograph.
I fear that there will be challenging days ahead where lighting is against me or simply nothing has happened. I think that the further into the project I get then the easier it will become and the greater images I will be able to capture for you. I'll be shooting on a mix of two cameras my Nikon D3100 DSLR and my Canon S120 Compact camera. I will be making sure everywhere I go there's never a moment without my camera, I'm determined to make sure I never miss an opportunity.
I will be uploading all the pictures here in the form of a weekly blog post but also as and when it is possible I will upload the pictures on to my daily vlogs Instagram feed [The Gibblets IG] as a kind of preview as the week progresses. Use the Hashtag #Gibblets365. I have uploaded the first photo and am so excited about getting going I just have to share day one with you now.
I hope I can inspire people with the photos I take if you are also doing the 365 then I'd love love love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed reading then I'd really appreciate a comment or maybe even to +1 on this post.

New years day Leftovers

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Photography - Morning frosty walk.

This week has seen some of the lowest temperatures this winter, we have had a few heavy frosts thanks to the cold nights. Today was a particularly cold start and virtually everything had a crisp frost covering and when I drew back the curtains it all looked so pretty. We had previously promised the kids that we would go to the shops to get some 9v Batteries for some walkie talkies they got from Santa. Whilst I stood there looking at the beauty of all the frozen rooftops I felt the need to make the most of the crisp fresh morning.

I decided that the best way to make the most of everything was to walk to the shops with the family, so we wrapped up warm and set of. I had the Nikon primed and ready to try and capture the beauty of the Ice cold morning. I was not disappointed by what awaited me! We got to the local park which leads us naturally to the shops and I could not stop snapping away. The sun had just risen high enough in the sky to shine down on the frosty ground, it was that moment I realised I had timed our walk perfectly. It doesn't often happen but when the light started to shine through the trees it was simply amazing everywhere I looked I was able to compose a beautiful image.

I had taken the slightly more rugged nature trail which runs along side the park whilst Katy and the kids took the sensible path through the middle. I could hear my family in the middle of the field whist I snapped some of the best photos I have taken in along time. I felt so happy in that moment, I was doing what I loved whilst listen to my family enjoying the fresh open air. I chosen the best pictures from our walk and posted them below for you to enjoy.

When we got to the shops we had a lovey warming cup of coffee and the kids had two rounds of toast which were welcome pit stop for all. We got what we needed at the shops then headed back home, when we headed back through the park the sun had risen in the sky and most of the frozen beauty had since melted.

It really was a lovely way to start a day with my family and it allowed me to get some photography of the stunning frosty morning. The weather forecast has suggested warmer air is moving in overnight so I'm really glad that I was able to get out with my Camera and family.