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Butlins Bognor Regis Review Introduction

Introduction / Dining / Accommodation / Entertainment / Team

We have just returned from our lovely family holiday to Butlin's Bognor Regis as part of our Butlin's Ambassador role. After the excitement and fun of our trip to Bognor Regis its now my job to bring you this excitement in the form of blog post and videos in our ultimate review of Butlin's Bognor Regis.

This post will give an overall introduction to our holiday and also lead you to specific posts concentrating on the dining package for example. We booked a four night stay at Butlin's Bognor Regis to stay in the Wave Hotel from the 16th February - 20th February we had the Premium Dining package.

To see exactly what we got up to during our time I have embedded below our 3 full days spent at Butlin's Bognor Regis. I also have a YouTube channel The Gibblets where I film every day or 'Vlog' this is why we have a comprehensive run though of our time at Bognor.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

One of the most wonderful things that having our Daily vlog allows us to do is create beautiful memories everyday. It is also a very handy way to show you guys what we have been up to during our holiday. We of course will continue to film daily life, if you wanted to see more of that then you should subscribe to our channel, we have lots of exciting things happening. For now we will just concentrate on the vlogs from Butlin's Bognor.

The way I will be writing my review of our Holiday is by way of an introduction with a number of specific post and videos focusing on specific areas. Those areas are as follows;

  • The Accommodation/Hotel
  • Bognor Regis Dining
  • The Entertainment / Activities
  • The Butlin's Team
Follow the links above to read the specific review of that aspect of our holiday.

The site at Bognor Regis is far smaller than Minehead which is where we went before but there has been just as much attention paid to getting the same amount of fun into a smaller space. Because the site is smaller it lends it self to taller hotels with a better ratio of accommodation footprint to number of guests than the more traditions apartments will allow. Basically more guests for less space on the ground used by rooms.

It gives the site a very unique look with the three hotels The Wave, The Ocean and the Shoreline dominating the horizon. Commanding the look of any Butlins site is the unique Skyline line pavilion. With the smooth twisting and interesting pathways between the hotels and entertainment facilities it makes for a very pleasant stay visually.
Butlin's a Short History
The first Butlin's camp was built in 1936, Billy Butlin himself actually sketched the design for the Skegness camp. He promised the nation 'A weeks holiday, for a weeks wage's' He appealed to a captive audience ready to experience a holiday by the seaside.
Many things happened in between the first Butlin's camp opening and the Bognor Regis site being developed including the war. During the war the British government commission the Skegness camp as a Royal Navy Recruitment and Training base.
Bognor Regis opened its gates for the first time in 1960, but flooding disrupted building work. After the helpful efforts of guest fitting some doors onto chalets the site was complete.
Many years of success followed including in 1972 which saw for the first time a record one million bookings. Helping to etch butlin's into the heart or Great Britain and forever being a national treasure.
The 1980's and 1990's saw significant investment and the results of which can still be seen today with all three sites boasting the Skyline Pavilions as the heart of the entertainment. The Skyline Pavilions first opened their doors to guests in 1999.
Modern history saw the first ever hotel built on a Butlin's site, the shoreline hotel opened in 2005. It was obviously successful because Butlin's built two more, the Ocean in 2009 and Ultra Modern Wave Hotel in 2012.
Today more than ever the Butlin's traditions live on with every single team member working by this statement.
"Our true intent is all for your delight"

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Dining at Butlins Bognor Regis.

One of the most important elements to a great holiday is fantastic food and plenty of it, I'm not one of those who can leave half my meal. One of the highlights of our holiday was our premium dining package which enabled us to dine in the Deck restaurant. The Deck has loads of self serving stations along with a grill counter and a wok station. You are free to help yourself to as little or as much as you desire. You can see this arrangement is really suiting my style of eating.
The worry for me is when you increase quantity you lose quality but this has not happened here. The food that they use is very high quality and this is telling because ever mouthful left you satisfied. The bacon especially was thick and perfectly cooked and was one of our food highlights of the week. My dad who came with us opted for bacon between freshly toasted bread most mornings.

We loved that when you finished with your plates and cutlery, team members were ready to clear
dishes very quickly. This made going up for more far easier as there was room on the table and ultimately you didn't feel embarrassed to have piles of plates beside you.
Something which we were unaware of until we arrived, was that you were able to swap your dining package on the day for vouchers to eat at one of the Bognor Regis onsite restaurants. This was something you'd have to do early in the morning as there were limited vouchers available. Upon confirming with the hotel receptionist that we were able to dine at our desired restaurant they would pass us our vouchers. We dined out at Papa Johns and Turners during our stay instead of eating at the Deck which is the designated restaurant for the premium dining package.
We could have chosen to get vouchers for the following onsite restaurants Turner's, The Beachcomber Inn, The Diner and Papa John's Pizza
Papa Johns
We loved our experience eating out at Papa Johns we all opted for the all you can eat pizza buffet. You were not restricted to pizza you can help yourself to unlimited salad and also there was two delicious pasta pots to dig into. My personal favourite was the BBQ chicken pizza and cheese pasta but that didn't stop me trying every type of pizza. The service we received at Papa Johns was great they were extremely busy but the team members were helpful and fast at getting us seated and getting our drinks.


Provides an ultra slick and modern fine dining experience within a minutes walk from our hotel. We found the menu to be somewhat light on meal choices but what I received was so delicious I want too disappointed. The menu aside the restaurant was very comfortable and generally a nice place to be. One of the things we really liked in turners was the toilets they were very nice good enough to have in your home. The team members were very helpful and were obliging and offered to take a family snap of us whilst we waited for our food.

These were not your only choices as you could choose from a few of the onsite restaurants. Generally at about 12 the kids wanted some lunch, there were a number of places you could grab a quick bite to eat from. We generally stuck to Burger king and the Soho bar which was attached to our hotel for lunchtime with the kids. We would have liked there to have been a larger table in the hotel room so we could perhaps prepare a few lunches in our room.

Overall dining at Butlins Bognor Regis was a pleasure the only restrictive thing we found was that staying in the hotel made it difficult to self cater for kids lunches and snacks.

Butlins Bognor Regis Team

One of the best things about visiting any Butlin's site is that every single member of the Butlins team you come across is out to make your holiday the very best that it can possible be. I think the way the team work at Butlin's is so unique and I'm not aware of any place in the world where the same ethos is so effectively implemented. If you have any problem what so ever who ever you ask makes it there personal task to resolve the issue. We never felt like we were ever any trouble to any of the team members and it was really nice. To properly explain I will retell you some of the situations where the customer service particularly excelled.
The First Occasion, was when we had first arrived when emptying the car we had some rubbish in the car and wanted to use an industrial skip bin which was close to some team members. I asked if it was ok to just chuck our rubbish into the bin. The female team member quickly stood up came over and took my rubbish for me and disposed of it.
The Second occasion, In the swimming pool at Minehead the life guards had an access to a compressed airline and were happy to blow your inflatables up. We thought that maybe the same would apply for Bognor Regis but when we asked a guard he let us know there was no airline. Instead of just leaving it as that he offered to take the inflatables and personally blow them up for us. We of course told the kind guard that would not be necessary.
The third occasion, I actually captured on camera because I asked one of the Grill team members for a photograph you may have seen this in the dining post. He was most obliging and happy to stop doing what he was doing to let me get the picture.
The fourth occasion, was on the Wave hotel reception and I have already shouted Kelly out numerous times on social media but it bares repeating. Kelly on the Wave hotel reception has to have been the friendliest most upbeat happy to help you out person on this planet. All we wanted was a few milk capsules for the morning coffees and honestly she engages us in friendly conversation about our day made sure that we had absolutely everything in our room that we needed. 
One of the ultimate highlights about a Butlin's holiday has to be the friendliest customer service in the world. It was these four interactions with team members which really made our holiday special and a lot of large organisations could do with followings Butlin's formula.

Butlins Bognor Regis Entertainment

Introduction / Dining / Accommodation / Entertainment / Team
Something Butlin's prides itself on is 100% entertainment all day long, after all their one true intent is all for our delight. How did the Entertainment at Butlin's Bognor Regis measure up to the expectation ?
I wont hold you in suspense for long, we found the Entertainment brilliant. There was never a moment whilst we were there that we found ourselves with nothing free left to do, play on or watch. The entertainment schedule is jam packed with shows perfect for little ones right through out the day, You are really spoilt for choice with Fireman Sam, Mike the knight, the Skyline Gang, Puppet shows, Angelina Ballerina, Mister Maker and Thomas and friends.

The evening is also full with family friendly entertainment with really cool shows including This is us (Celebrating one directions music), SBX Champion show (Stunt show), Salute (Music of Little mix), Silent Cinema. This was just what they had on at the Skyline pavilion there was a number of other things going on for older kids and families on other stages.
That's just the host of shows that Butlin's offer as entertainment we have not begun to touch on what else they offer as entertainment. The list below gives an idea of the scale of entertainment available at Butlin's.
  • Splash Waterworld.
  • Indoor tots fun fair & Soft play areas.
  • Fairground
  • Centre stage
  • Arcade
  • Modern Games room (Wave Hotel)
  • Discovery Studio
With this list of entertainment its impossible to be stuck for something to do.
Our Entertainment Highlights
Splash Waterworld
This is a place packed full of water slides, fun shaped pools, Jacuzzis, a wave machine lapping on to the beach landing and if that wasn't enough there is also a rapids. We didn't spend an awful lot of time here not because we didn't have any fun whilst there we just found it to be over crowded. Although we never had to cue to get in on many occasion we noticed cues to get into the changing room. Our favourite slide was the four lane slide Harry just wanted to go on it over and over again.

Aladdin Rocks the musical

We were treated to something new for Butlins the show Aladdin Rocks, it was a full on production and the kids loved it. However the venue was some what unsuitable as there were massive pillars in the way which spoilt the show somewhat for us who were lucky enough to be sat behind one. The kids didn't seem to mind bending in all kids of way to get a view and it was a great way to spend the afternoon with them.

The fun of the fairground, this was a real highlight for us we loved the high spinning and fast rides that Butlin's famous fairground had to offer. We found that the most enjoyable ride was the Paratrooper as it went fast, high and had the kids laughing out loud. Olivia especially loved it if you watch the video you can see her laughing her head of on the ride.

Modern Games Room.
We were very excited to try the Ultra modern gaming room out and we were not disappointed its packed full of the latest consoles loaded with top games. The room caters for all age ranges with super cool DS tables, wii ports, wii u station and PS3 and PS4's to play on. Our three were most interested in the DS tables, there were about 8 to choose from all with different games to play. There was also a Mac computer to play on and a reaction test game where you hit buttons which light up.

Indoors tots fun fair and soft play area
The look on Olivia's face when she first had a ride on the car ride will stay with me for the rest of my life it was one of pure enjoyment. We spent a lot of time here mainly because the kids just loved it so much having the freedom of being able to play. The great thing about the indoors tots fun fair is all of our kids were big enough for the rides so there was no disappointment.

We were expecting nothing but non stop full on entertainment and that's exactly what we got we were very impressed by just how much was going on constantly.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

"This Will Do the Trick" - Keeping the Kids Occupied During the Holidays

Are you wondering how to entertain your kids during the half-term holidays? They don’t have to sit around in their pyjamas till midday watching children’s TV. There are many fun activities your kids can do during the holidays, and you don’t necessarily have to take them to the cinema which is pretty expensive these days. Here are some great ideas on keeping your kids occupied during the half-term holidays:
Visit the local library
Why not visit your local library and read some interesting children’s books with your kids? Special workshops and events are usually held during the school holidays. To find out exactly what programmes your local library is offering, make an enquiry at the help desk.
Watch DVDs
Most kids love films, so when the rain is lashing down outside organise a movie day and watch some of your favourite films together on DVD. With so many DVD bargains available these days, your kids can watch animation classics, adventure movies, comedies and more, all with a big bowl of popcorn or other treats. Cinema — who needs cinema!
Play board games
Board or card games are a fun activity for family gatherings on cold, wet days. To some children winning is everything, so let them win a few times so that they stay interested and feel good about themselves. You’re not as competitive as that, are you?
Visit the museums
Some museums hold special activities or exhibitions that your kids will find fascinating. There are thousands of free museums in Britain. Check out which ones are free at the Visit Britain website
Go on a picnic
Pack your picnic basket with sandwiches, pizzas, salad, cakes, drinks, plates and cutlery. Bring a rug and head to your favourite picnic spot in the local park. If the weather outside is rotten, why not make it an indoor picnic instead?
Half-term holidays can be a challenging time for parents, with the weather sometimes being too cold to take them out and about. With these ideas, you can keep your kids entertained while enjoying a stress-free holiday.
Image by vastateparkstaff, used under Creative Commons licence

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Beaverbrooks perfect mothers day gift ideas.

Hey, I hope you are all doing well ? I was delighted to have been contacted by Beaverbrooks jewellers and asked if me and my children would like to surprise Mummy with an extra special gift this Mothers day. Me and Charlie started looking for that perfect gift for Mummy, we were keen to involve you guys so got a family member to help film our efforts.

You can see from the short video that the Beaverbrooks website is so easy to use this is ideal because as a busy dad I do not get a lot of time to spare. The thing that took us the longest was to actually choose the item. I was stunned at the amazing array of products to choose from, there really were style to suit every person.

I loved the Beaverbrooks website I thought it was professional clean and as mentioned had ample products to choose from. I really liked the ability to be able to search for your products and as a drop down menu you could filter lots of things. It made making your choice an awful lot easier as you were able to get rid of products which you weren't interested in. Some of the filter choices you could make were Brand, Range, Jewellery metal, Metal type, Type of Jewellery, Price, Stone and many more. In the end we settled for the Silver Cubic Zirconia Bow Pendant which we thought suited mummy and decided it was the perfect gift.

When the necklace arrived the professional feel from the website continued, The necklace arrived very quickly and was immaculately presented. It was packaged in a jewellery box inside a beautiful lined box full of purple tissue paper for protection during transit. It made us feel as if we had made the right choice with Beaverbrooks and we were very impressed.

We are really looking forward to giving this to mummy on Sunday 15th (Mothers day) she is going to love it. We think she is going to love the box just as much as what's in it and we simply can not wait for her to open it. If you wanted to see our Mother days then you could subscribe to our daily vlog The Gibblets . We upload videos of our lives everyday and you can see what Katy really thinks about it.

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Story time : Max and tallulah Parragon book buddy

Max and Tallulah a little love story by Beverley Gooding this was Parragon book's offering for the book buddy scheme last month. We made a video which I've embedded below to show you guys the story. Watch the video and then we will begin our review.


Max the Zebra is too shy to tell her Tallulah how much he loves her. He tries all sorts of ways to get her attention, but each time something goes wrong ! Finally, max has the best idea of all ? A heart-warming tale of love, friendship and just being yourself.

If you watched the video you know we absolutely loved this book we thought it was so sweet and the end result had a really positive message for children to just be themselves. The story takes you through Max's efforts to impress Tallulah the lady zebra. He makes a number of grand gestures to get her attention before realising that he just has to be himself.

The art work in the book really helps bring the story to life in a vibrant and fun way. We always love the books from paragon they really make the books from exquisite materials. I love that the books do not feel cheap it really makes the story somehow better. I think the experience of reading the book is enhanced.

The pictures really are great in this book you very creative and unique, it has the kids captivated during book time. Its £5.99 and I think that's a steal and well worth every penny.

If you want to check Parragon books out I've handily left you all the links below so do check them out and if you have liked the review then give it a +1.