Sunday, 23 August 2015

Lego dream house post ! Competition to win £150 voucher

The kids were kindly send some lego to build a dream house with, we were restricted in the amount of actual 4x2 building blocks but here is their dream home.

It is more of a blue print than the finished item but they did have some great features.

Here you have a take off ramp for the garage which has tyre stored in it !

This here was a very handy feature a shelter for when you needed to have a coffee in the rain !!! The mind boggles at a childish imagination.

Ocean Finance are actually running a competition for your kids to build a Lego dream home follow the link to see all the T&C's. You could win a bumper pack of Lego or even £150 worth of toys r us vouchers.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Butlin's Minehead new Chalets at West Lakes Village

As many of you know last year I was lucky enough to be selected as one of ten Butlin's Ambassadors, throughout this past year we have been lucky enough to review two Butlin's breaks. In 2014 we were told we would all have the opportunity to be the first to see the brand new Chalets at Minehead in the 16 Million pound development, West Lakes Chalet Village. We have been looking forward to seeing the Chalets for months and on 12th May we finally got to have a good look around them.

The West lakes village Chalets have been designed around the lakes with stunning water features, winding paths leading to far reaching bridged walkways, colourful Chalets all perfectly complimented by stunning planting. The feeling you get from the West lakes village is one of tranquillity and pleasure. I found when walking around the Village that my stresses were taken away with the gentle sound of water pouring from the many water features situated in the centre of the lakes.

The village has been carefully designed to represent the look of the original Butlins chalets but with luxury finishing touches inside. I love the look of the new chalets and the feel you get from around the development. One of the really nice touches for the launch was the placement of a bed of roses as a 10'x10' scale replica of the original Butlins chalets of 1936. The roses were grown in the village and commissioned as the '‘Sir William Butlin’ Rose, there were exactly 1,936 roses and the final one was placed by the Dermot King Butlin's Managing director to mark the official opening of West Lakes Village Minehead.

There was a huge photo frame which was designed to be 1936x1936 pixels so families could capture the perfect memories on Instagram. The plan is to make that frame a permanent fixture everything has been designed to be a glowing tribute to the 1936 original Butlin's chalet.

I filmed a comprehensive walked tour of West lakes village which shows you the diverse and careful positioning of each and every Chalet. The video has been published into a play list labelled Butlins Vlogs where you can find other fun and awesome Butlins related videos.

We know that the Chalets are in a beautifully designed Village but how do they measure up inside do they give you the same tranquil feeling ? We were able to have a really good look around one of the 8 berth Chalets which had two floors and a balcony over looking the lake. On the ground floor you have one double room, one twin room, one shower / toilet room, a separate toilet and the main social space which is an open plan kitchen, diner and living room. The second floor has the same set up minus the open plan social space, allowing two generations or families to comfortably share the sleeping arrangements.

The layout of the Chalets are great it really lends it self to shared holidays allowing ground and first floors to be divided between two families for example. You can tell that the interior design has been a huge factor in the design of these chalets and I feel that the chalets have a feel of class and luxury. The Chalets made us both feel upon entering them that they were places we would like to spend some time and were some what disappointed not to have been staying there overnight.

Efforts made to the aesthetics of the village to represent the original chalets of 1936 have not been forgotten inside the new chalets. There were a number of subtle touches to help keep the celebration of the original chalets alive for the guests in years to come.

The new chalets have the same pastel colours running right throughout from the embroidered ‘B’ to the framed vintage Butlin's adverts. The curtains in every room have a lovely sailing boat pattern on them, this has been once again specially designed to be iconic of it 1936 original.

Butlin's teamed up with Mumsnet to ensure that the new chalets fully meet the needs of a modern family but to take and replicate all that was loved about the original Butlin’s chalet.

The best way to experience it is to book !!! But as I'm sure you'll be yelling at me right now how can I afford that ?? I have also filmed a detailed tour of one of the eight berth chalets so you don't have to go, but let me assure you after seeing the new Chalets at Butlin Minehead West Lakes village you'll be wanting to book.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Marvel's Avengers : Age of Ultron Review

There is a new super hero movie being released, and you know what that means, merchandise ! The Disney store is selling a new range of super toys and I have been lucky enough to have had one sent to review. We were sent an IRON MAN TALKING ACTION FIGURE and oh my days it is so so good!! We were actually pretty cheeky and since it was my little boy Harry's birthday my wife and I decided to keep it back as a present for him. And he absolutely loved it, it is his favourite gift and such a success!

We managed to catch the moment Harry received the action figure in our daily vlog you can watch it here. To find it skip through the video until 2.10 and his little face is a picture :-)

The Iron Man itself is really solid and sturdy with movable limbs and a button on the back which activates a firing action (you can see this in action above). Harry LOVED the phrases and noises that Iron Man can make, he has over 15 different ones that he says.

The figure itself is in the traditional Iron Man colours and they are bright and vibrant with light up detail on the chest and hand. This Iron Man has only been played with by my children for a couple of days and already it is a firm favourite. It was the talk of the dinner table when my five year old had his friend to tea and it is just generally and honestly such a fabulous toy. My boys are in love with it. Seriously, I know that sounds dramatic but they really do rate it.

I know the photo above is not as clear as it should be but I absolutely love the concentration on his face, Harry is pressing the button on the back which makes the firing motion happen. The RRP for this figure is £22.95 and I genuinely think after seeing how much joy it has brought my children that it is worth every penny and I would also like to say that from the size and quality I would of expected it to cost more so it's a bargain as well in my eyes!

Friday, 24 April 2015

The Disney Tag

I was tagged by one of the most attractive female bloggers who is about at the moment, I never say this for any of the other female bloggers. I think my blogger wife would leave me... Jokes done lets get down to business. I was of course tagged by my beautiful wife Katy from Mummy Space to do the amazing tag, you can check her answers out to the Disney tag post by following the link.

The tag video requires you to answer some Disney questions which should make this a very fun and nostalgic post to write. So I will also tag a few awesome bloggers to do this tag.

Vikki from Love from Mummy
Nicola from Life through my eyes
Gemma from Gemma the Family Girl
Alex from Bump to Baby
Matthew from Devon Dad Blog

Favourite Disney Film?
The one film which stands out to me is Swiss family Robinson, it fulfilled childhood dreams of living in a tree house, fooling around with tigers, fighting pirates and generally having an adventure on a deserted island.

Favourite Disney Character?
I really like Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter there is something about that fella which makes me smile.
Favourite Disney Princess?
Well I like one of the classics Princess Jasmine I think its because she had her head screwed on and knew she didn't like being bossed around. 
Favourite Disney Sidekick?
This is a difficult one I know he is a character in his own right  in Cars 2 but Tow Mater makes an awesome side kick for Lightening Mcqueen in Cars.

Favourite Disney Song?
Prince Ali I love this song its awesome I love how honest it is about everything wrong with the rich and poor divide. Its also awesomely catchy ! 

Which Disney Character would be your best friend?
Finn Mcmissile because he seems like a spiffing awesome chap.
Which Disney Character would be your pet?
Simba so long as he stayed small and wasn't allowed to grow.
Have you ever been to Disneyland?
No I spent my entire childhood wanting to go to Disney land but Mum and Dad never had the money to go. The funny thing now is that we have moved out of home my Mum and Dad have visited once without us and are going again in May !
Who is your Disney Alter Ego?
Woody from Toy Story as he try's to help everyone and is so fair !

Who is your favourite villain?
Hmm this is hard because the writers try and make the villain's horrible but if I had to choose one then it would be Hook. I think at heart he was really a good chap. 
 Do you collect anything specific Disney wise?
No I haven't got the time or money but I'd like to collect classic things.
What Disney film would you star in if you could?
No brainer for me Swiss Family Robinson
How old were you when you watched your first Disney Film?
I have no Idea but the earliest Disney film I remember was Fantasia. 
What do you love about Disney?
I think this is a good question, I love that Disney carve nostalgic memories into the fabric of our all of our lives forever. I always get transported back to my childhood when watching the old classics.
Who is your favourite Disney couple?
 Is this a trick question ? Mickey and Minnie Mouse of course :-D

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter Treat : Lindt Gold Bunny Story book

We were very excited to have been treated this year to something very special from the good folks at Lindt. The Lindt Gold Bunny story book, this is something we have never see before but we are very excited to get tucked in to what it has to offer. They also sent one of their delicious large gold bunnies to enjoy with the story book, however the bunny didn't last long enough for photos !

When we got the story boo open you had a number of doors to open which the kids took no time at all doing for us. They loved the element of surprise with not knowing what was being each door. But if you read the story it brings the magic of Easter to life in an engaging interactive story with the Gold Bunny the kids really loved it.
This is what you get in the story book which I think is very good value -
3 x Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate 10g
2 x Lindt Mini Lamb Milk Chocolate 10g
2 x Lindt Mini Chick Milk Chocolate 10g
3 x Lindt Hollow Milk Chocolate Eggs 10g
5 x Lindt Solid Mini Eggs Milk Chocolate
This is great value for money and at the moment the Lindt gold bunny story book is on sale at the moment for only £4.87.
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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Butlins Bognor Regis Review Introduction

Introduction / Dining / Accommodation / Entertainment / Team

We have just returned from our lovely family holiday to Butlin's Bognor Regis as part of our Butlin's Ambassador role. After the excitement and fun of our trip to Bognor Regis its now my job to bring you this excitement in the form of blog post and videos in our ultimate review of Butlin's Bognor Regis.

This post will give an overall introduction to our holiday and also lead you to specific posts concentrating on the dining package for example. We booked a four night stay at Butlin's Bognor Regis to stay in the Wave Hotel from the 16th February - 20th February we had the Premium Dining package.

To see exactly what we got up to during our time I have embedded below our 3 full days spent at Butlin's Bognor Regis. I also have a YouTube channel The Gibblets where I film every day or 'Vlog' this is why we have a comprehensive run though of our time at Bognor.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

One of the most wonderful things that having our Daily vlog allows us to do is create beautiful memories everyday. It is also a very handy way to show you guys what we have been up to during our holiday. We of course will continue to film daily life, if you wanted to see more of that then you should subscribe to our channel, we have lots of exciting things happening. For now we will just concentrate on the vlogs from Butlin's Bognor.

The way I will be writing my review of our Holiday is by way of an introduction with a number of specific post and videos focusing on specific areas. Those areas are as follows;

  • The Accommodation/Hotel
  • Bognor Regis Dining
  • The Entertainment / Activities
  • The Butlin's Team
Follow the links above to read the specific review of that aspect of our holiday.

The site at Bognor Regis is far smaller than Minehead which is where we went before but there has been just as much attention paid to getting the same amount of fun into a smaller space. Because the site is smaller it lends it self to taller hotels with a better ratio of accommodation footprint to number of guests than the more traditions apartments will allow. Basically more guests for less space on the ground used by rooms.

It gives the site a very unique look with the three hotels The Wave, The Ocean and the Shoreline dominating the horizon. Commanding the look of any Butlins site is the unique Skyline line pavilion. With the smooth twisting and interesting pathways between the hotels and entertainment facilities it makes for a very pleasant stay visually.
Butlin's a Short History
The first Butlin's camp was built in 1936, Billy Butlin himself actually sketched the design for the Skegness camp. He promised the nation 'A weeks holiday, for a weeks wage's' He appealed to a captive audience ready to experience a holiday by the seaside.
Many things happened in between the first Butlin's camp opening and the Bognor Regis site being developed including the war. During the war the British government commission the Skegness camp as a Royal Navy Recruitment and Training base.
Bognor Regis opened its gates for the first time in 1960, but flooding disrupted building work. After the helpful efforts of guest fitting some doors onto chalets the site was complete.
Many years of success followed including in 1972 which saw for the first time a record one million bookings. Helping to etch butlin's into the heart or Great Britain and forever being a national treasure.
The 1980's and 1990's saw significant investment and the results of which can still be seen today with all three sites boasting the Skyline Pavilions as the heart of the entertainment. The Skyline Pavilions first opened their doors to guests in 1999.
Modern history saw the first ever hotel built on a Butlin's site, the shoreline hotel opened in 2005. It was obviously successful because Butlin's built two more, the Ocean in 2009 and Ultra Modern Wave Hotel in 2012.
Today more than ever the Butlin's traditions live on with every single team member working by this statement.
"Our true intent is all for your delight"

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Dining at Butlins Bognor Regis.

One of the most important elements to a great holiday is fantastic food and plenty of it, I'm not one of those who can leave half my meal. One of the highlights of our holiday was our premium dining package which enabled us to dine in the Deck restaurant. The Deck has loads of self serving stations along with a grill counter and a wok station. You are free to help yourself to as little or as much as you desire. You can see this arrangement is really suiting my style of eating.
The worry for me is when you increase quantity you lose quality but this has not happened here. The food that they use is very high quality and this is telling because ever mouthful left you satisfied. The bacon especially was thick and perfectly cooked and was one of our food highlights of the week. My dad who came with us opted for bacon between freshly toasted bread most mornings.

We loved that when you finished with your plates and cutlery, team members were ready to clear
dishes very quickly. This made going up for more far easier as there was room on the table and ultimately you didn't feel embarrassed to have piles of plates beside you.
Something which we were unaware of until we arrived, was that you were able to swap your dining package on the day for vouchers to eat at one of the Bognor Regis onsite restaurants. This was something you'd have to do early in the morning as there were limited vouchers available. Upon confirming with the hotel receptionist that we were able to dine at our desired restaurant they would pass us our vouchers. We dined out at Papa Johns and Turners during our stay instead of eating at the Deck which is the designated restaurant for the premium dining package.
We could have chosen to get vouchers for the following onsite restaurants Turner's, The Beachcomber Inn, The Diner and Papa John's Pizza
Papa Johns
We loved our experience eating out at Papa Johns we all opted for the all you can eat pizza buffet. You were not restricted to pizza you can help yourself to unlimited salad and also there was two delicious pasta pots to dig into. My personal favourite was the BBQ chicken pizza and cheese pasta but that didn't stop me trying every type of pizza. The service we received at Papa Johns was great they were extremely busy but the team members were helpful and fast at getting us seated and getting our drinks.


Provides an ultra slick and modern fine dining experience within a minutes walk from our hotel. We found the menu to be somewhat light on meal choices but what I received was so delicious I want too disappointed. The menu aside the restaurant was very comfortable and generally a nice place to be. One of the things we really liked in turners was the toilets they were very nice good enough to have in your home. The team members were very helpful and were obliging and offered to take a family snap of us whilst we waited for our food.

These were not your only choices as you could choose from a few of the onsite restaurants. Generally at about 12 the kids wanted some lunch, there were a number of places you could grab a quick bite to eat from. We generally stuck to Burger king and the Soho bar which was attached to our hotel for lunchtime with the kids. We would have liked there to have been a larger table in the hotel room so we could perhaps prepare a few lunches in our room.

Overall dining at Butlins Bognor Regis was a pleasure the only restrictive thing we found was that staying in the hotel made it difficult to self cater for kids lunches and snacks.