Sunday, 16 November 2014

90:10 Man Hoodie Review

We have been very lucky to review 90:10 Man's "Signature" Embroidered pullover hoodie and from first contact we have been nothing but impressed. So lets make no mistake we are in love with this hoodie and I have already have put another one in a different colour on my Christmas list. I think this review post will be mostly explaining why we love the hoodie and 90:10 Man

So what do we love about the garment and the company, I think it would be best to start with what we loved about 90:10 Man. The thing we liked most about the company is how the personal it is, you get a great feeling from just being on the website with great statements in descriptions like the one below.

'My wife has to keep dreaming up new and cunning tactics to get this one washed as I'm often reluctant to hand it over!'
The product clearly means a lot to its creator and this shines though in the companies image. 90:10 Man is a new company with plenty of exciting innovative products, they have sent us a mission statement to clearly show us what they are all about. We particularity like the 90% Serious part and and 10% not, we think that this would be true for most young men around the products demographic age.

"90:10 is a new and exciting brand for men who consider themselves to be 90% Grown up and 10% not. Encapsulated within the brand's message is some recognition for a guy for getting his act together but at the same time reminding him that that this in turn, doesn't mean that he is now over the hill...far from it! We all have responsibilities but I don't accept that just because I am no longer a teenager or in my early 20's, I have lost the ability to have fun or have forgotten how to enjoy myself...quite the contrary! This is what a guy is expressing about himself if he wears 90:10..For the lion's share of the time, we all have to take life seriously but not all the time!  My vision is to marry humorous and innovative branding to stylish and well made clothing delivered to the customer at the right price in an environmentally responsible way.

People will interpret 90:10 in different ways and how it applies to them and that is all part of it..The intention is to start a positive and light hearted conversation with men by demonstrating that the brand cares about the same things that they care about."
 Have you noticed it yet ? The missions statement is written in two paragraphs, it represents the 90% and 10% a theme which is continued for the description of the products. This is something I thought to be so unique and fun.

The Hoodie
The first time I wore the hoodie I loved how it felt, how it looked and the quality of the garment. The hoodie is very light soft and comfortable, I totally agree 90:10 Man quote from the description about needing to invent clever ways to get the hoodie in the wash. I have been wearing it to death if you watch our daily Youtube vlog The Gibblets then you'll have seen me wearing it constantly.

I have added another colour hoodie of the same design to my Christmas list, there are 5 different colours to chose from Navy Blue, Khaki, Azure Blue Heather Grey and Anathacite.


I love the way the hoodie has a slimming effect on me I often wear hoodies and this one has now by far become my favourite. I have been give a discount code for people who may wish to buy one perhaps for a loved one for Christmas. Use 'BLOG' to get a 20% discount of the price of a garment. We have been very happy working with 90:10 Man and love the company we would highly recommend them to anyone.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My Family Photo Album

Hey guys Just a quick photo update of mainly the kids but some of us and our favourite things ! Keep an eye out for something very special we were sent from Fishermans friends who knew they had so many exciting flavours now ! To be honest I thought they had stopped being made.
Harry is such a handsome boy always ready to pose for his picture :-)
Olivia she is camera mad we are thinking of getting her a pink version for her birthday which is ciming up this month.
 I call this one flip reverse it !
 One of our favourite places to visit in the world Plymouth hoe. Don't forget to check out our daily family vlog The Gibblets where we often visit this iconic location in the Southwest of England.
Brothers they really are best friends :-)


You might not know, but Pavarotti actually used to use them to keep his voice in tune - and we've just had word that Stevie Wonder is a big fan. Well these little facts ought to give you some solid pub chat ammo or you could just go armed knowing they do some awesome flavours ! Cherry, Honey and Lemon, Mint, Blackcurrant, extra strong and or of course original.
 She wears pig tails so cutely now it really is adorable.
 Look at the cheeky chap !
 Waiting for daddy to come out at lunchtime.
 Daddy goofing around at lunchtime!
 The fam !!!!!
 Wife I love this woman ! So I put a ring on it !
Brothers in arms ! Strong forever through thick and thin !

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Bully and the Shrimp : Parragon book buddy Review

Parragon Book Buddy Review:
The Bully and The Shrimp

We were very excited to receive our second Parragon book buddy book to review, The Bully and the Shrimp. The book has nice strong folded edges and the book generally feels of very high quality, we particularly liked the art work in this book, the pictures are brilliant. The kids have taken no time in falling in love with the book especially when you dramatise the bits when you can.

We really liked this book it had a significant message I think all children could learn from, it will hopefully make them think about how others are feeling and thinking. Thankfully I was never picked on at school but having a book which is as engaging as this one would have helped if I was. There is some very helpful information at the back of the book which helps further with bullying issues.

'When small-for-his-age Noah Shrimpton moves to a new school, the class bully starts picking on him. Noah has no friends to support him and is afraid to tell anyone. He starts to use his journal to express himself, doodling all sorts of outlandish scenarios where he beats the bully (sometimes involving superheroes or giants!). Follow Noah as he learns to make friends and gain the confidence to stand up to the bully in this contemporary tale.

Developed in conjunction with school teachers and child development experts, this picture book deals with the current issue of bullying in a sensitive way and is perfect for any school-aged child and their parents.

The story is simple but gets an extremely important message across to the children who read. When Noah comes across Connor the bully his school days become filled with dread and worry. I like how the book describes exactly how Noah feels when situations occur.

'Connor laughed and ran off. Noah felt small and hot and ashamed'

This is great because if a child who is being bullied reads this or has it read to them it will show them that its normal to feel this way when some is bulling you. It will help show any bullying victims what is happening is bullying and hopefully aid them in identifying what is bullying.

We really love this book for a number of reasons it looks great, holds a very important message to children and our kids fell in love with it instantly. I think kids first reactions to anything is the best indicator of whether something is interesting to them or not, they will be so openly honest (Sometimes in the wrong situations).

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Halloween Party

So as we all try and peel our children of the ceiling after the trick or treat induced sugar rush this past 24 hours we want to reflect on what an awesome party we had. Luckily I had the Friday afternoon off so we were able to get into the Halloween spirit very early, the kids had their costumes on by 3pm and even showed them of around Tesco's.

So what makes the perfect party ???? Cake !!!! We thought what better way to start the preparations for our Halloween party. We used the pavilion with the kids in tent mode to browse through food heaven to choose a ghoulish cupcake recipe to follow. If you don't already use tablets and laptops for following recipes then you might want to consider this. Laptops are big and will be in the way on the side and tablets lay flat and often need picking up to see the next step which is no good with mess hands ! The HP Pavilion X360 allows you to use it in tent mode, this give you almost all the full power of a laptop, allows you to easily see the screen and is small so it will not get in the way. Something which I think the digital recipe reader would find very handy whilst whipping up a storm in the kitchen.

The kids decided what cupcakes they wanted to bake and the Pavilion was set upon the side and they began to bake. The awesome thing we found as the perfect way to present and serve the cupcake was this cupcake kit from Snap Fish. Snap Fish, which if you follow me on Social media I have been raving about, is an awesome website created by HP with tons of printable PDF's to choose from. Combined with HP's wireless ENVY 5640 Printer getting all the bits printed was so easy. The hardest part is decided where to put the decorations.

With all the food, decorations and costumes ready all that was left was to create a spooky atmosphere and yet again the HP Pavilion x360 had the answer. We used the pavilion to play the Halloween sound board, this was one of the highlights of our party. The sound board played spooky sounds at random through out the evening. We kept count of the amount of time the kids were spooked by the noises and the time they found them funny. We found that in the beginning the spooked count was much higher but when they were used to it the laugh count came up equal. It was 15 Spooks and 12 Laughs throughout the party tea, once we had eaten we thought it was a good idea to have in the porch to spook the local trick or treat callers.

With the Pavilion x360 and envy 5640 we have found putting together our Halloween party easy, our favourite part has been making our own decorations. We really love the string of lights we made in our last Halloween post we have kept them hoping they stay good for next year, if not we will just re print them. Mostly for the party we found it easy to use the Pavilion X360 in tent mode but you can find out what other positions it allows you to use it in on the HP Website. All in all our Halloween party was a so much fun if you wanted to see in more detail what we got up to on Halloween lucky for you I film every day for our family vlog.

Thanks for watching remember follow HP UK on twitter see all of the #HPtrickortreat posts from other amazing dad blogs.If you have like our post do not forget to comment and let us know what you think for more of our family you can subscribe to our daily vlog the gibblets. Follow us on twitter, facebook or Instagram.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Preparing an awesome Halloween kids party

Preparing an awesome Halloween kids Party

This year we have decided that we are going to make a really good effort for Halloween which means decorating the house getting dressed up and have a small party. Celebrating Halloween is not something we have ever done before, the best we have done is to get dressed up for trick or treating. We have been really excited this year and we have been decorating the house this past week in preparation for our small party on Friday.

I'm really excited to share with you what we have made and put up in our house to make the place more like Halloween so far. We have been very keen not to spend lots of money on shop brought decorations as we find the commercialisation of Halloween slightly annoying. I remember (Shakes fist in the air) in days gone by where all the Halloween section had in it were bin liners face paint and fake blood ! We were very kindly sent the new HP Pavilion x360 laptop and Envy 5640 Wireless printer. Combined these items have been an invaluable tool in helping us create ghoulish decorations.

HP have decided to challenge us dads to create the most exciting and spine tingling Halloween to date, you can follow all of our efforts using #HPTrickortreat. It has been really handy having the HP Pavilion and Envy because they have made getting ready for our Halloween party really easy. We were very excited to use the free HP Photo Creations software and some free Snap fish downloads to create some truly magnificently spooky decorations. Check out some of the awesome things we have downloaded and printed using our HP Pavillion x 360 in Notebook mode.

We are really looking forward to Halloween now ! We still need to carve our pumpkins ! I wonder if the HP could help with that also ???? Thanks for reading guys I hope you have enjoyed reading remember don't forget to check out our daily vlog channel and Katy's mummy channel for baking, hauls, Make up tutorials and lots more!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

GIVEAWAY : Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQL641P 6KG 1400 spin washing machine

We have teamed up with the Co-operative electrical to bring you one of the most awesome give-aways we have even been involved with. We are giving away a Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQL641P 6KG 1400 spin washing machine in white. With the festive season rapidly approaching we are giving you to opportunity to win a little treat for you and your laundry. 

The Hotpoint Aquarius 6KG 1400 spin washing machine is rated A+ for energy efficiency and has a spacious 6kg drum ideal for any busy family home. We have a very similar size and specification washing machine and it copes with our three children's continuous clothing demand easily.

The machine has some innovative features including Anti-Stain which has been developed to tackle 20 of the most stubborn of stains in one wash. Use the Anti-Allergy cycle to help protect your family from major allergens with a combination of rinse stages and higher temperatures. You can find out more about the Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQL641P 6KG 1400 spin washing machines features on the Hotpoint website.

This washing machine is a really great addition to any family household and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this is fill out the raffelcopter below.

(Full terms and conditions)

With innovative features such as Anti-Stain, this cycle will remove 20 of the most difficult stains in one wash. - See more at:
With innovative features such as Anti-Stain, this cycle will remove 20 of the most difficult stains in one wash. - See more at:

With innovative features such as Anti-Stain, this cycle will remove 20 of the most difficult stains in one wash. - See more at:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October Degustabox UK Review

Its that fantastic time of the month again...... Degustabox time!! We were so excited to receive the box as always, I just love the surprise of what you are getting. The delivery text was successfully received which is brilliant as it gave us a two hour time frame for delivery..... always good when planning around little ones! My wife will very soon have an unboxing video up on her personal YouTube channel if any of you would like to see that.

A Degustabox can be yours for just £12.99 a month incl delivery and you can buy for yourself or as a gift for someone! So without further ado let me talk you through this months amazing box and its contents.

This months absolute favourite has to be the Brioche rolls, the little ones wanted to get them open before we had even finished unboxing (they are a firm favourite and a big hit in our house).

Brioche Pasquier Pain Au Lait with Choc Chips RRP £1.60

They are a favourite in our house anyway but it has to be said they are super tasty. The recipe is the same as the Pain Au Lait but with chocolate chips and I have to say they just take so soft and yummy. Some chocolate brioche rolls can be a little dry but these are not, they are amazing.

 Brioche Pasquier Sliced Brioche Loaf RRP £1.69

This loaf was so convenient as its sliced and it was scrumptious as well. Its made using the same ingredients as the rolls and again it was so soft and tasty. Fabulous product for a sandwich, toast or even part of a recipe.

Kent's Kitchen Tikka Massala Meal Kit RRP £2.50

This is such a genious idea! Instead of using a jar sauce you add some fresh ingredients to this and voila a healthy restaurant quality meal that you can be proud of. I also think this would be a great product to keep in the cupboard for those days you don't quite know what you want and don't want to spend ages in the kitchen. These are ready in just 20 minutes and come in five different flavours.

Solo Marshmallow Creme RRP £1.99

This product is a spreadable marshmallow which can be used either on toast, in a recipe or even straight out of the tub! My wife was very excited about this product as she loves to bake and so can't wait to find a recipe to use it with! Solo Marshmallow is available at and comes in toasted or orignal flavours.

Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce RRP £1.39

This product is advertised as 'Britain's Best Tasting Sweet Chilli Sauce' and I have to say I agree. We have tried it drizzled over a meal to give it some flavour and also in a recipe and it was so good!!

Bear Alphabites

These were a sample present and I fear my children will be fighting over who gets to have them for breakfast!! We had the big box in our June Degustabox and they absolutely loved them. They were a huge hit and as they have no nasty things added and are made with five tasty grains they are super good for young tummys!!

Special K Cracker Crisps RRP £1.29

These were really tasty and you wouldn't be able to guess they were 60% less fat than an average packet of crisps. They come in four flavours: Sea salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, Sweet Chilli and Barbecue. We received the Barbecue ones to review and they did not disappoint and happily the whole family enjoyed them so it is a good one for us to share.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans RRP £2.50
We love Jelly Beans with over 100 true-to-life flavours who wouldn't? We received the Sour ones to sample and it's not something we would have bought as we'd have gone for the safe 'normal' flavours but they were amazing!! We had great fun tasting them and pulling faces. So much fun over one packet of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

Get Buzzing bar RRP £1.30

This is a 100% natural flapjack bar which makes a great tasty healthy snack. It was really yummy and is brilliant for slow release energy!! If you head over to to see the new range you can get 10% off your first order with the discount code 'newbuzz10'. Enjoy guys!

Enhance Drinks RRP £2.49

This genious little pot is perfect for handbags, saving space in your cupboard and it super cute! You just add one quick squeeze to water to transform the water into a lovely fruity drink with natural flavour. It is made with real fruit juice and no added sugar which is a must for children in my eyes.

Dr Oetker Fine Dark Cocoa Powder RRP £1.89
Dr Oetker Premium 90% Extra Dark Chocolate RRP £2.49

We haven't used these yet but as I mentioned earlier my wife is super excited to get baking and we are a big fan of Dr Oetker products and can't wait to use them. The cocoa powder is specifically created for home baking and is pre packed into handy pre measured 25g sachets! The chocolate is brilliant for melting/breaking into chunks for chocolate recipes that will give you a rich, delicious flavour.

Bear Paws Fruit Snack RRP £0.55

This product went down amazing well with my three children, it is a pure fruit snack with no added sugar or any other nonsense. The little pieces are baked into paw prints and were really tasty. Definitely something we would buy again!!