Sunday, 11 January 2015

Gibblets 365 - 1-10/365

//1.New Year Leftovers//2.Challenging Day//3.Nanny and Granddads//4.That kind of morning//5.Party Time//6.Late evening banana//7.Playing time//8.Toilet Milestone//9.Charlies first school club//10.Making friends
So this is my first full week complete plus the other three days before the start of the week last Sunday. I'm linking up with The Boy and Me linky aptly named 365 follow the linked badge below to see the latest link-up. I upload the photographs on Instagram as I go to see more about the way I'm doing my 365 project see my 365 Introduction.
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Goodbyes for now.
TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Thursday, 1 January 2015

#Gibblets365 Introduction

This year I want to do my own 365 Project, I tried to do one two years ago but found the prompts to be uninspiring. I discovered something within my photography which helped me realise how I want to approach this year. Only you can decide what inspires you and ultimately that mean only you can decide what you want to shoot, I think this way you get much better results.
I want my 365 Project to be a reflection or an interpretation of my year. The only guidelines I'm going to be giving myself is that the photo must in some way represent, reflect or show the viewer something about my day. I also want to give each photo a short title/name to aid the reader in understanding the reason for the photograph.
I fear that there will be challenging days ahead where lighting is against me or simply nothing has happened. I think that the further into the project I get then the easier it will become and the greater images I will be able to capture for you. I'll be shooting on a mix of two cameras my Nikon D3100 DSLR and my Canon S120 Compact camera. I will be making sure everywhere I go there's never a moment without my camera, I'm determined to make sure I never miss an opportunity.
I will be uploading all the pictures here in the form of a weekly blog post but also as and when it is possible I will upload the pictures on to my daily vlogs Instagram feed [The Gibblets IG] as a kind of preview as the week progresses. Use the Hashtag #Gibblets365. I have uploaded the first photo and am so excited about getting going I just have to share day one with you now.
I hope I can inspire people with the photos I take if you are also doing the 365 then I'd love love love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed reading then I'd really appreciate a comment or maybe even to +1 on this post.

New years day Leftovers

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Photography - Morning frosty walk.

This week has seen some of the lowest temperatures this winter, we have had a few heavy frosts thanks to the cold nights. Today was a particularly cold start and virtually everything had a crisp frost covering and when I drew back the curtains it all looked so pretty. We had previously promised the kids that we would go to the shops to get some 9v Batteries for some walkie talkies they got from Santa. Whilst I stood there looking at the beauty of all the frozen rooftops I felt the need to make the most of the crisp fresh morning.

I decided that the best way to make the most of everything was to walk to the shops with the family, so we wrapped up warm and set of. I had the Nikon primed and ready to try and capture the beauty of the Ice cold morning. I was not disappointed by what awaited me! We got to the local park which leads us naturally to the shops and I could not stop snapping away. The sun had just risen high enough in the sky to shine down on the frosty ground, it was that moment I realised I had timed our walk perfectly. It doesn't often happen but when the light started to shine through the trees it was simply amazing everywhere I looked I was able to compose a beautiful image.

I had taken the slightly more rugged nature trail which runs along side the park whilst Katy and the kids took the sensible path through the middle. I could hear my family in the middle of the field whist I snapped some of the best photos I have taken in along time. I felt so happy in that moment, I was doing what I loved whilst listen to my family enjoying the fresh open air. I chosen the best pictures from our walk and posted them below for you to enjoy.

When we got to the shops we had a lovey warming cup of coffee and the kids had two rounds of toast which were welcome pit stop for all. We got what we needed at the shops then headed back home, when we headed back through the park the sun had risen in the sky and most of the frozen beauty had since melted.

It really was a lovely way to start a day with my family and it allowed me to get some photography of the stunning frosty morning. The weather forecast has suggested warmer air is moving in overnight so I'm really glad that I was able to get out with my Camera and family.

Monday, 29 December 2014


Some of you with know I'm no stranger to the blogging scene however there will hopefully be some of you who will be discovering my new found blogging style for the first time. So for those who know me hello again friends and for those new to my blog welcome along and I hope you like what you see.

I'm James I live in the beautiful city of Plymouth situated in the South-west, I love where we live and I could not imagine moving anywhere else. Plymouth offers so many opportunities for me as a photographer and family man it really is the ideal location. I have always longed for my blog to be my mecca of photographic creativity, I'm purely and enthusiastic hand with a camera so bare with me, my photos may be lacking in the beginning. I have some key thoughts/rules which I want to blog by now and I think when I'm feeling lost I will refer to them. Simple, Expression and Family!

Simple ! What can you expect from me, as I have mentioned I'm exploring a new way of doing things around here. I want my blog to be an expression of me with little in the way of reviews or sponsored posts. If you see a review or sponsored post then that means I really am on board with the product or campaign and its something I would, or indeed have, brought. It also means I think you should get out and buy it because I think its very worth the money

Expression ! I want to be able to express my artistic and creative side on my blog space which I have so far failed to do. I want to approach my posts with the attitude that a post goes live when its ready not a post has to be ready in time.

Family ! My life revolves around my family and this is after all why I started my blog in the first place to follow our journey. I have discovered and much more productive and efficient way to document this now in the form of our family daily vlog The Gibblets. I will be able to bring you all the still images from family life with this my family blog.

I want every post I publish to be like an interaction between me and a friend I consider a lot of people who read my blog friends. I love providing great photographs for you to view and hopefully interesting and engaging content for you to read. I hope you enjoy what you have read to day let me know what you think of my new approach to blogging and do you like what I'm trying to achieve. If you have liked this post it would be awesome if you could give it a +1 and leave a super sweet comment.

I will look forward to posting for you again for now keep it simple, express yourself and love your family.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Degustabox The Winter Box

We were very excited as usual to open our degustabox and see what surprises laid in wait for our discovery. We are really grateful that then send helpful emails and text updates letting us know fairl accurately when to expect the delivery. If you are thinking about getting a Degustbox I have a special code which entitles you £3.00 off when you register with Degustabox. The code is V9MI8.

This weeks start product for me has to be the Alcohol option not just because it was Alcohol but because it had a certain elegance and care which has gone into it creation. Having this bottle in the box was a real delight and would be something I would buy again.

 Montano RRP £2.79

"Montano is an elegantly crafted Italian cider made only from apples grown in the foothills of the Trentino region of Northern Italy. Nestling in the foothills of the Dolomites, these orchards are the highest in Europe enjoying fresh mountain air and over 300 days of sunshine each year. The result is a golden, elegantly sparkling, fruit driven medium-dry cider with a refreshing, crisp finish. A wine-like bouquet complemented with an effervescent citrus aroma balances the delicate and refined flavour making it perfect with Italian cuisine."

Holy Cow rrp £3.38

Authentic Indian curries unique because they contain no artificial colours, flavors or preservatives. We are a big fan of these we had the Korma with chicken and it was divine.

Kents Kitchen  RRP £1.85

These awesome flavor shots are the quick way to jazz up most meals, add it to diced meat or prawns. The clever gel shots coat the meat or prawns whilst cooking and add a delicious taste to enhance the meal. We love that these are so easy to use with life getting more and more busy these are going to be very handy to have.

Kettle Chips RRP £2.19

We love all of the exquisite flavors you can get with your large share bags of chips in this modern day. This one from Kettle chips is no exception, the Salsa and Mesquite flavor was one which had me coming back for more. I'm not ashamed to say that this bag was not shared it brought pleasure to my taste buds.

Pip Organic RRP £1.50ea

This one will have you Pip Piping for joy, why? The london based family run business has core principles at heart which look at the environmentally sustainability of what they do. I think this shine through in waves as the product is delicious and satisfying. Made from 100% Organic fruit and the drink are not from concentrate and contain NO added sugars, water, preservatives or additives. 

Lindt £0.65 ea

Its Lindt and its irresistibly smooth ! Say no more...... ! Needless to say these were a massive hit in the box and had us almost fighting over them. These really were melt in your mouth moments of pure joy.

Branston RRP £1.50

Chutney is a funny thing we really are not big fans of it but this was pleasant enough and is a nice addition to the box.


Cool Dawn Recovery RRP £1.49

I'm sure there is science behind what these drink are trying to achieve which is a recovery for your mind to be taking in the evening and then again in the morning. I basically could get past the strong flavor, it wasn't particularly unpleasant but just very strong.

Our sample present was this Chai Latte from Drink Me Chai, I'm not a fan of Chai Latte and I did give it a try but just confirmed my dislike for the product. I'm impressed that you can get it in a handy sachet and that the packaging looks great but this stuff just really isn't for me.

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Pines and Needles : Nordmann Fir Christmas tree

We have our christmas tree up ! Its from Pines and Needles and is a Nordmann Fir  real tree and it is magnificant an we love it. Well it may only just still be November but to be honest it has been feeling a lot like Christmas for some time now. I thought I'd share with you what our Christmas tree looks like. We are very excited this year because it is our first real one. Before we have always had a plastic one and to be honest it just isn't the same as having a real one.

There have always been a number of the things which have put me off getting a real one. The main issue is how do you get a six foot Christmas tree home easily from the shop and what type is best to get? I was very kindly offered a Nordmann fir from Pines and Needles, the Nordmann fir trees are great for family for a number of reasons. The needles have a very low drop rate which is great in a busy family home as it is always being knocked. The second thing which is great is that the needles are super soft.

The best thing about getting the tree from Pines and needles is that they will deliver the tree ina an allocated time slot of your choice. It came wrapped in a tough plastic which protected it from damage and the netting kept the branches neat during transport.

If you thinking about getting a real Christmas tree then I would highly recommend a Nordmann Fir from Pines and Needles. We have also been given a special code for you to use which entitles you to a free Mini Christmas tree and Mistletoe.