Friday, 18 April 2014

BOOMco Twisted Spinner review

We were kindly sent the BOOMco Twisted Spinner toy for review, it is being launched this April. BOOMco are a super cool new boys lifestyle brand which until now I had not heard of before, we have been very impressed with what we have seen. They have a range of blasters and accessories, we also received a really cool bag, two badges, wrist band and some cool stickers. This went down well with the boys and Charlie has been proud as punch showing everyone his badge and wrist band saying Daddy got me a blaster.

The BOOMco Twisted Spinner has provided hours of fun, the Smart stick darts, targets and shields are great it means the kids do not play rough with the toy. Getting the BOOMco Twisted Spinner out is something we set up and gives the boys something constructive to play with instead of aimlessly charging around. Initially I did not want to review this product because it was something I thought the boys would be far to violent with. The opposite has happened setting up the target and standing back to take aim is really good for his concentration and aiming skills. This is the thing which attracted me to this product, that other life skills could be gained from using it Charlie really surprised me with his concentration levels whilst using the blaster.

The BOOMco Twisted Spinner tempts you to join the next generation of thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. I have been thoroughly impressed with the product and think the quality is very good, the thing I like is that BOOMco does not brand these toys as a guns. The BOOMco Twisted Spinner comes packaged well, it's a little tough to get into but at least you know it will not have been tampered with whilst on the shelves.  You can see the Blaster in action on BOOMco You tube Channel.

What we thought the highlights of the BOOMco Twisted Spinner were ;

  • The smart stick darts, targets and shields work so well together. The Smart stick darts stick really well to the shields and targets yet wont stick to the wall, this makes the need to concentrate and aim more important.
  • The barrel on the front of the gun spins effortlessly and loads the next dart quickly.
  • The is no lack of power the BOOMco Twisted Spinner fires using air power (no batteries required).
  • BOOMco Twisted Spinner is a great looking product and fits in really well with the life style brand BOOMco are promoting.
  • Having the bag which we were sent as an addition to the BOOMco twisted Spinner is a really neat way to keep everything together.
  • If you were to be playing with friends the shield allows you to catch opponents darts, re-load and fire back.
The BOOMco is a really we thought through baster which goes with a really well thought through brand. The design appeals to 6-11 Year old boys (The target age group) as does the brand. The only negative we can draw from the BOOMco Twisted Spinner is that even as an adult it can be a little difficult to aim and fire as we found it fairly stiff. Apart from that the blaster is lots of fun and if used correctly can be a great tool to help with boys concentration levels. I have taken lots of photos of us using the blaster you can see more of the blaster by following BOOMco on Instagram.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Family life : Day in the life.

It has been over a month since I did a day in the life of post, I chose Monday to record what we did. Normally I'm at work but this week I have been on holiday and am spending time at home with my family which has been lovely. Monday, unintentionally turned out to be a very interesting day we visited Plymouth hoe, played in the garden and had a barbecue. Normally on a Monday I'd be at work and my wife would be at home with the kids getting the house tidy after the weekend. The next day in the life post will cover a totally ordinary day because I want you guys to see what we do most days but I also want to get it recorded here.

We had not intended to go out at all during the day, that is why I chose the Monday to document. As it was Monday, I was home, the sun was out and Charlie wanted to ride his bike the decision was taken after hair cuts to visit Plymouth Hoe for an hour. When we parked up the weather was so nice we decided to get a two hour parking ticket. This consumed the majority of our morning charging about on bikes,playing in the park and slurping slush puppies.

The outdoor fun didn't stop there with the rest of the day spent in the garden and finishing it all off with a barbecue. It was one of the best days spent with the family I can remember for along time and I'm secretly glad it was an exciting day as I have lots of great photo's to share with you all. Next time I promise for something much more run of the mill.

Here is the photo time-line of Monday.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Weekly Photo Update : Wacky Races

The beginning of the week started badly with another spell of tonsillitis most of the week was spent recovering from the illness. Thankfully by the weekend we had all recovered and were feeling much better. We spent a lot of time playing in the garden which has been great for getting the kids sleeping in the evening, they have no energy come bedtime. I do not have much to say about the week it has been very average, this next week I will spend home from work on holiday so will have plenty of stories to tell.
I love this picture of the boys being monkey under the table !

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Toddler crafts wishlist

This post is more of a wish list, crafting with the kids is something we just do not do enough of. It is difficult to find something that everyone can do, something tailored for Olivia doesn't keep the boys interested and something for the boys just gets wrecked by Olivia. When we do craft it is usually when Olivia is having a nap, I need to help Harry and Katy shows Charlie what to do. Charlie is really good at the sticking and decorating of crafty projects, Harry tends to just go for anything.

We have a massive box of kids crafting items jam packed with paints, wiggly scissors, zig zag scissors, fluffy things funny eyes and anything else you can imagine. The kids love to just dive in and getting going usually with the glue sticks, with out guidance the craft piece can end up a real mess. With this in mind this post will be a crafting wish list, full of things I want to do with the kids.
  •  Alligator sticks - Very simple yet very effective, you paint the stick green and stick some wobbly eyes on the twig. You can make it last longer by going on a nature trail and finding the twigs to use.
  • Pebble Men - The idea here is to collect rounded pebbles from a river, one large pebble, 4-5 smaller finger tip size pebbles have a ice lolly stick, some nail varnish to decorate and some wobbly eyes. Using super glue you stick them standing up right on top of the pebble. Also stick the ice lolly stick on the pebble with a place name on it for example. This is a really nice thing to do if you are on holiday I made one when we visited the Dordogne region of France years ago. I really want to do this again with my kids.
  • Cast Dinosaur fossils - Harry is especially interested in anything which is living bugs, birds, even dino's ......I don't think he realises they are extinct yet! I have seen these air drying clay kits where you can make fossils. They look super cool and the kids imagination could run wild :-).
  • Super messy painting - We did this with the boys when they were young but so far Olivia has not been involved in big messy painting. I want to set a large sheet out on the grass and let Olivia use anything she want to paint a wonderful picture. We have all the child friendly paints so the only thing holding us back is not wanting the mess, a poor excuse!
  • Easter bunny crafts -  I have been insanely jealous of everyone crafty Easter themed pieces. I have a week off work and would like to join the fun and want to plan to do some kind of cute bunny rabbit themed craft project. I'm unsure of what would be best to do so that everyone can get involved it might be that we do everybody's craft items separate.
I keep on seeing amazing things for the kids to do and I just want to do them all, I hope the list I have written can be something we all get to do in the next few months. I especially want to do the pebble men project I remember doing it as a kid and loved it and seeing the pebbles on my shelf always reminded me of Polzeath. I hope you have enjoyed reading my toddler rafts wish list. What is your favourite from my list?


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Charlie's Level 2 Duckling Award

I'm so so so proud of my little guy he got his Level 2 Duckling swimming award a couple of weeks back and has been showing everyone his certificate and badge. We have been taking him swimming since September and his water confidence has come on leaps and bounds. The Instructors have spent lots of time getting the kids used to blowing bubbles in the water whilst attempting widths aided by the noodle. For those who do not know a Noodle is the long thin foam thing you see kids swimming with under their arms.

The one thing you are forbidden from doing and understandably is take photo's in whilst in spectators area, we did sneak some as everyone does but they don't show any swimming action. I have a dream one day of renting a French Gite out for a few weeks for a holiday then getting pictures of the kids swimming will be easy. The Instructor Charlie has is called Josh and he is very good with the little ones. Charlie has a really good relationship with him and often says let Josh know we are on the way when we leave on Saturday morning. I consider it vital for all of our children to learn to swim from an early age, getting them in to swimming lessons early also helps prepare them for school.

We all try our best as parents to best prepare our children for the big bad world its impossible to cover everything. I would like to think that what we do now will really have an impact in the future, especially living in the South West swimming will be an essential skill. Charlie has been really enjoying it if he wants to continue when he gets to school age then I will be there to support him. I firmly believe that I want my kids into something when then are school age. I wasn't really into anything at school age and resorted to hanging about, thankfully I had the sense to avoid the drugs and alcohol excessive alcohol. Many friends I had decided that the clean path wasn't for them and dabbled in dangerous waters.

Charlie has always wanted to get a certificate for something and now he has he wants to shout it from the roof tops. We have also got a ducklings level 2 badge for his achievement, we will need to buy a bag for the badge to be sewed to when he gets more they can be collected together. We start back swimming lessons after the half term and are ready to hit the pool every Saturday.

Friday, 11 April 2014

The kids first bus Journey

Me my wife and the kids did something we have been meaning to do for months last week, went somewhere on a bus. It was not an exciting trip just a fifteen minute ride back from the local shops but we did managed to get a double decker. It was the boys first trip where they were old enough to actually know what was going on. The bus driver was very friendly and we chatted briefly, Charlie butted in saying that it was his first time. The driver said that they should head straight upstairs, it was nice for the boys that bus driver was genuinely really excited to have two first time riders on his bus.

I went upstairs with both boys and found a seat cutting through that awkward silence from grumpy bus travellers who are secretly offended by the slightest noise that resembles joy. With two boys four years and under sat next to my on the seat, on their fist bus ride, on a double decker and sat upstairs you can imagine they we reasonably noisy passengers. When the chap at the front reached his stop we were able to move down to the front and have a panoramic view, this didn't help the noise level. Olivia down stairs was making plenty of noise I could hear the bus driver at every stop turn around to talk to her.

I tried to get a good picture of the boys on the bus but failed miserably my SLR was down stairs in the push chair. I got the best one I could with my phone it doesn't really show that we are sat on a bus but we are take my word for it. We ended up joining mummy back down stairs for the last 5 minutes of the journey as there was someone sat very near her who was singing along to music in headphones. It was not just the singing he did look either drunk on drugs or had some issues. I gallantly came down stairs and took my new seat just beside Katy and Olivia, the great protector. There were no issues and more than likely never would have been any issues but it was nice for Katy to have had me back down with her.

On the run down towards our road the bus driver could hear us readying the kids to press the bell just once so to not annoy anyone. The drive turned and told the kids to press it as much as they wanted. We did limit the bell pressing because it would have got on everyone's nerves on the bus. We really did get a great bus driver he was so keen to make the kids happy, wish every bus driver was as enthusiastic as him.

I'm glad the kids enjoyed the bus trip and we would like to travel by bus much more often. Do you and your kids often travel by the bus?