Saturday, 27 October 2012

Baby Boutique

Today was the opening day of Its all about me, an amazingly cute little children's boutique in Plymouth my home town. We went along to check it out and found some of the most cute clothes I had every seen. Some of the highlights I have collected from the website and want to share with you.

My personal favourite was the girls fleece duffle jacket the ones in the middle of the picture. Maybe it's a sign that our baby will be a pink bundle, and I should just go out and buy them. I also particularly liked the don't panic its only a baby mug, pom pom boots, funky giraffe dribble bib and sock cupcake.

I thought the shop was perfectly small and cute enough, yet adequately stocked with an interesting and lovely range of items. Sometimes boutiques can be over stocked and can even find themselves under stocked, I did not find either of these to be the case here. This is the shop front to the Plymouth store, its worth mentioning at this point if you have clicked on the links to the website of its all about me the Plymouth store is not yet featuring on the website.

You cant see it but there is a ramp for access and great space inside for pushchairs.

We were greeted by friendly and helpful staff, the whole experience inside the shop was very pleasant and a great place to shop. Whilst in the store Charlie made a mess whilst eating a cake from the open day buffet, we had no wet wipes to hand but the shop assistant was there with a pack kept behind the till. We found this to be a nice touch as people can expect children to be seen and not heard usually when in shops.

 We brought one of the funky giraffe bibs, a top and some cute socks these were for a gift for our neighbor who gave birth this week. We will be shopping there again and would suggest it to anyone as a great place to shop for babies and children's clothes,gifts and accessories.

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