Friday, 12 October 2012

Big baby update

I thought I would do a quick update post about our oversize bump! The midwife did not call back, in fact I had to call her on Thursday morning and leave a message. When she called back she had totally forgotten about arranging a growth scan on the Wednesday but gave some cock and bull about not getting through. When we got off the phone to the midwife she called back within a minute with a date and time for a growth scan. Amazing how things get done when some feel bad about forgetting.
All this waiting for the midwife to call being forgotten and so on got me to thinking that it’s a shame midwives can’t be midwives. Now before I give me thoughts I don’t blame the midwife personally I believe that they are massively over stretched and I think this is sad.
When we first found out we were going to have a baby in 2010 (our first Charlie). I had this romantic vision that our midwife was our midwife, and that she would be a point of reference right throughout the pregnancy. I even imagined that we would be able to build a relationship/friendship with her.
However this just is not the case, maybe it's never been like that but this is the image I had in my head. To find out that the experience was not going to be as personal as I thought did upset me a little. At times especially in the first pregnancy we felt alone, and we as a new perspective parents felt well out of our depth. We missed out on ante natal classes first time around because we left it too late to book. We just assumed our midwife would prompt us when the time came to book them. Another thing that we really didn’t like was we never saw the same person during the first pregnancy this just made us feel even more isolated in the big bad world of parenthood.
When Charlie finally made his grand entrance I'm glad to report that the romantic image of midwifery came true for me. When we got home the very next morning we had our first visit from the community midwife. Maybe it is because we were home and luckily we had the same midwife for the second home visit. But I finally got that feeling we had a point of reference for all our queries and that we had a relationship built with the midwife.
I really hope that the midwifery profession doesn’t get stretched to the point where the midwives cant care. I really have so much respect for the profession and think they are among the hardest working Britons out there.
Here is a little photo of our bumpy at 34 weeks 4 days (pending a growth scan inquiry)