Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Charlie & Harry Up to date

Charlie is now 2 years and 10 months old, Harry is 17 months old. I think it is time to stop and take stock and see where the boys are.

Beginning with Charlie because he is the oldest. 

One of the most notable things in development terms for Charlie is his determination to do things himself. With his speech rapidly progressing nearly everything he is involved with we get 'i do that' or 'me do it'. The other day when he got into the car he had a break down because I left the door open on his side whilst I strapped Harry in. This was because he wanted to have the door closed whilst he tried to strap himself in (even though he is unable to do it) he wanted to feel the complete 'doing it all by myself' feeling with the door shut. I hear you ask why didn't he just shut it himself ? I asked myself the same question.

I mentioned earlier his speech progressing rapidly, this has to be the cutest thing I have watched development wise. He is beginning to quote his favorite cartoon programs, but not just one word, whole statements. For example in Fireman Sam, his all time favorite, the main characters catch phrases is 'great fires of London'. He loves saying this catch phrase around the house all day long, it has to be the most cutest thing in the world. Its made cute because when he says it its not because its in context he says it out of excitement and emphasises parts of the statement.

Physically he is growing fast, he is big for his age and strong for his age. He tries to climb everything, often with success unless we intervene. But this physical strength has led him into trouble. What I mean is, he can do what a lot of the older kids can do in the parks and other places, but he isn't old enough to understand the game. He just watches the other children charging around and thinks, that's fun I want to do the same. Yet this gets in the older kids way and obviously they don't understand why he is getting in the way so he is flattened.


This little boy doesn't know how to stop smiling. After along time of no big growth spurts, this last month has seen him go from 18-24mth too 2-3yr in clothing. With this spurt has come four big molar teeth, the poor boy has had nappy rash and a runny tummy, they have not been coming quietly.

 Everyday recently he has been getting mega excited that I have come home from work, 
I'm not sure why he is particularly excited at the moment. In the morning he sweeps the house for me and has a mini break down that I'm not home. Its really nice that he is so into me, it makes my day when I see his little face light up. 

Maybe its just coincident or maybe Charlies recent steps forward in speech has spurred Harry to develop. Either way Harry is showing great speech development, hes better at this stage than Charlies was at this point. His recent word is 'dinosaur' he says it really well its not full pronunciation but the sounds and structure of the work are all in place.

So that brings you up to date. The newest edition is cooking away nicely, I'm going to establish a regular memoir to our new baby . So keep your eye peeled .