Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Christmas round-up

71 Days to Christmas

OK the countdown is on, I'm a firm believer that Christmas is not a time to (panic panic spend spend!). However there is no getting away from the fact Christmas is an expensive for everyone. Every year we say it I'll spread the cost but, I know I never stick to it. This year thus far me and my wife have stuck to getting the odd bit here and the odd bit there. We have mainly got Christmas presents for the boys but everything we have got has been on half price or buy 2 for £20. I feel like I have saved a fortune just by being organised and getting these bits early. 

Here is what we have so far.

We still have a number of main presents we want to get but I feel we have a good start. I feel a list coming on, lists have to be the single most popular things in blog land. I'm putting the places that we have found to be cheapest if you know otherwise please let me know. This is just a start we will end up with a lot more than is on the list this is just the stuff we want to get the boys.

Mini quiz guess what our boys are into the most ?? 


Fireman Sam themed Bike Cheapest place Wilkinson £80 
Fire fighters backpack ELC £14
Fire fighters outfit ELC £12
Fireman Sam Helmet Argos £18.99


Little tykes Spray and rescue fire truck Wilkinsons £60
Fireman Sam Vehicles  Argos 2 for £15

New Baby

Practical things we need 

This just a start, and by no means will we be buying double for charlie and leaving Harry with half. When Christmas comes we will have an equal amount.