Friday, 26 October 2012

Fetal monitoring, a drip and two names

My wife has had to spend a night in Hospital on a drip because she was dehydrated. This has come about after she caught a nasty tummy bug .

It all started on the Wednesday lunchtime she began to feel unwell at about 2.30, she was vomiting very regularly. When I got home from work, she basically couldn't move from the sofa she was in a lot of pain from stomach cramps. I was beginning to get excited at this point and thought that all the vomiting had brought labour on, but this was just me dreaming.

This was the picture pretty much throughout the night, just generally in pain and being sick. I had to take a day off on the Thursday to look after the kids. Although my wife had stopped vomiting  she was so weak from everything that happened the night before. During the course of the day she did begin to feel a bit better, however she had only counted 8 movements. Normally you should count 10 as a minimum, we know our baby and he is a wriggle bum. So we decided to call up the day assessment ward to see what they wanted to do, they said to come up for monitoring.

Obviously, because we went for monitoring, the moment we stepped inside the hospital baby started to have a party. Needless to say the trace was perfect and our baby was totally happy in  the oven. It was when we were just about to be sent home by the midwife the trouble began.

 "All we need now is a wee sample, then we can send you home" she said ! There were high levels of ketones in my wife's wee sample. This indicated that she was dehydrated and the registrar said it wouldn't be safe to send us home. We were carted off to the ward to be settled in and get her the treatment she needed. It was discussed that it would be best to get her re hydrated the fastest way possible which was by using a drip.

She was discharged on Friday morning, she needed two full drips and a half drip to bring her levels back to acceptable. Being pregnant she was sent to the maternity ward which was noisy all night. Luckily in a way, because of her bug she was in isolation with her own room and en suite shower which muted the newborn screams. On the other hand it was frustrating for her to be in the ward so close to due date without our baby.

Not long now, and we have decided on two names Olivia for a pink bundle or Oliver for a blue bundle I really can not wait to find out.