Thursday, 18 October 2012

Great expectations

In less than 2 months, I will be a daddy all over again for the third time. Is it supposed to be a little bit easier? I suppose it isn't going to be any easier, a new born will always be demanding 24 hours a day. But the way I will deal with things will be tried and tested and I'll be much more confident in the way I'll approach things. I guess this in turn will relax the baby and essentially make it easier.

One of my biggest fears is that the bump will end up being a windy baby, Charlie our first suffered terribly. He suffered to the point where after his bottle we would spend two sometimes three hours winding him. Obviously by the time he had settled down he was awake again for another feed. This had massive effects on our ability to function in daylight hours. We gave him all the over the counter remedies saw the doctor and brought the anti-colic bottle systems. These things helped but never truly got rid of his suffering. Time was the only thing that worked. Needless to say we did not waste anytime weaning him off the bottles. In fact I think we had him on solids well before six months.

 Putting him on solids (well mashed up) was a decision taken because he was suffering but also he was a well-built baby, not fat just big. Even now he is mistaken for a 4 year old, people look at him like he is stupid because he looks older than he is but acts like a two year old which he is. I often see snooty people get annoyed because he is being a two year old, I'd like to give them a few choice words but then I'd be as bad as the people that annoy me. 

 Harry on the other hand was a dream he has his feed often burped before we started to wind him and the whole night time feed scenario was totally different.

Sorry, I have somewhat digressed. They say every baby is different I'm just hoping that bump doesn't suffer like Charlie did as much for the babies sake as my own.

Here they are when they were new born's.

Charlie James Gibson
Harry Micheal Gibson