Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Midwife and the oversize baby

Today my wife Katy went to see the midwife for a check-up, unfortunately I was unable to attend. It was my last day at work and I just couldn’t swing a few hours in the morning, this did upset me. I really wanted to go to this one due to the fact I have not been able to make any of the check-up appointments.
When I got the call after her appointment I was excited to hear about how it went. Seems a bit silly but I feel so left out having to be at work, so waiting for the call is one of the highlights of the day.
The outcome from the appointment was, Katy should be measuring 34 weeks +3 however the midwife measured her as 39 weeks +3. This was a shock to hear, and I assumed that it meant they got the dates wrong and she was now ready to give birth. (ALARM BELLS) However this is more than likely just the baby measuring big not the latter.
We will now be required to attend a growth scan which the ultra-efficient midwife has arranged today (NOT). Much to the annoyance of Katy the midwife should have called to give details of the growth scan before she went home but this didn’t happen.
When I heard that she was measuring big, especially by how much, I got very excited and started to think early induction, meet the baby earlier than I thought and so on. This didn’t last long because in the next breath I suddenly thought less time at work before baby is here less money ahhhhhhh ! This had me rather worried for the majority of the day and I didn’t think about much else. The main worry for me was that we had budgeted for the pram from money I will be earning right up until the due date.
It had never occurred to me until now that the baby could be early, but after all the worrying I came to an epiphany. What will be will be and we will cope because we will have to and in the end whatever happens we will do our very best for our baby.
So, we will wait with baited breath for a phone call tomorrow and hopefully the growth scan date will be when I’m off on holiday.