Tuesday, 23 October 2012

This is me and my blog

Now I have a few followers, by the way thank you so much for following, I want to give you a better picture of who I am. 

My names James I'm 25 years old and I work as an engineer at A C Haines engineering ltd. I'm obviously a daddy to Charlie and Harry and husband to Katy who i love very much she is my soul mate here we all are.

I'm not your typical 25 year old bloke, I enjoy gardening, cycling, blogging and jewellery making. My jewellery making days are only early but I'm excited to share some of my projects with you all when I'm good enough.

 Do you see now, not your normal lads lads down the pub sort of guy.

To be honest I have never been someone who is social, I like my family's company and our good close friends and that's enough for me.

I live in Plymouth, UK we love this part of the world ! 

It has so much to offer and I love being able to raise my family here. The beach is 5 minutes away the, Moors are 5 minutes away and the city center is 5 minutes away. We have everything at our doorstep.

What do I want to get from blogging? (Apart from followers). I have started this blog with the new baby in mind and i wanted to have somewhere where my thoughts could be written down. I hope, one day that my babies can read my blog posts and understand how I felt whilst they were to young to understand.

When you comment on my posts it makes me feel hyper excited, that whats in my head has made you laugh or has hit a cord with you.

I Can't wait to bring you post's about our new baby. I was so excited watching Charlie and Harry grow up and develop everyday, the thought now of being able to update here makes me smile :-).

Plans for my Blog, I loved doing the top ten tips last Sunday. I want to do more of that type of post maybe one every two weeks we will see how its goes. 

I want to make a better header photo, I'm just getting in to using Pic Monkey and love it.  I have got a great location in mind on Plymouth Hoe for a picture, Ill see about getting there at the weekend with the family to get it.

For now I'm going to keep on blog hopping, building my blog following and producing great posts (hopefully)