Sunday, 21 October 2012

Top Ten Daddy tips for Adventure Parks

Going to Adventure parks can be expensive, you can end up feeling like money is slowly dripping out of your account in to the fat cats pockets. This is often the case, but its doesn't have to be like that if you spend a little time thinking and planning your trip. I have comprised some tips to help avoid having to spend a fortune.

1. Buy tickets online doing it this way can often save you a few quid off of admission.

2. Consider Annual passes, if you take your children to places like Jump then you will spend over £10 a time just on admission. Annual passes can often end up costing a lot less than the combined cost of visiting Jump. The adventure parks usually have a much larger soft play areas as well.

3. Bring lunch, these places make up for cheap admissions by stinging us for the convenience of them cooking for us. It can be very very poor quality food and rarely healthy.

4. Avoid coin operated rides, Identify them early on the maps and plan your day around them. Avoid temptation simply, walking a different way can stop you little darlings being disappointed.

5. Do not buy theme park ride photo prints, the cost of a 6" x 4" print for the log flumes at Crealy was £5  this is pure profiteering. The fact the photo is taken where you can't get to with your camera is not reason enough in my eyes to charge the earth. Its often the case that the photo and cardboard frame it come in gets discarded after a few months.

6. Bring your own drinks, soft drinks can be half the price from your supermarket. Getting them from the parks vending machines is just expensive 4 drinks can cost up to £8 in some places. 

7. Invest in a picnic cool bag and coffee flask, this applies as a money saving tip for many of life's situations. Our picnic cool bag and flask have to be one of our best money saving purchases.

8. Avoid the arcade rooms, you usually find arcade machines all over the place, this is because they make the vendor money. Your there to go on rides not be taken for a ride.

9. Make use of the deals. Check the parks websites for deals, one such deal we made good use of on our holiday was 'pay once and return free for 6 days'. All we had to do was go to the reception with our receipt to claim our free return ticket. We ended up visiting three times.

10. Avoid the gift shops where possible, this can be a hard task as they like to make you exit the park through them. However if you want to get something, set the kids money limits and make it a game to get something for the agreed price. 

This post was inspired by our recent visit to Crealy adventure park in Devon. Me and my wife loved our visits so much we plan to invest in an annual membership, we will do this next year when our new arrival is about 6 months.