Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekly Daddy list

I need a place to create a weekly to do list and here is the perfect place. I always have lists to work through but hardly ever finish everything, so the idea is publishing my intentions will make me more likely to complete them.
Well here is this week’s list, it’s a little distorted as at the end of the week we are off on our summer holidays yes its autumn now but hey ho.
08-oct-2012 ~ 14-oct-2012
To do list
- Take stock of the Christmas presents already brought and have a rough idea of what’s left to get.
- Start sorting the family photos ( I have taken it upon myself to scan all family photos in to the computer)
- Clean the car inside and out ready for the holiday
- Pack for the holiday
As I said the list is somewhat distorted as our week will be dedicated to packing and sorting thing for the holiday. Oooo..... Maybe I’ll do a getting ready for the holiday to do list blog to get my bottom in gear. Watch this space.