Friday, 16 November 2012

2 Days and counting

Well it is the last Friday before we get to meet our baby, in theory! Inevitably this will not be the case and we will go the whole two weeks over due. Then by some cruel twist of fate they will not be able to fit us in for an extra week. Can you tell we want this baby out, we are assuming the worst but hoping for the best.

I have cobbled together some bump pics I took this evening ended up with some really nice ones.

Our lives are on hold at the moment, we really are not doing much. We are not just sat in the house staying in for fear of  being caught short and going in to labour at the shops (life is not a Hollywood blockbuster) However we have not planned to do anything major, mainly because Katy my wife is in so much pain and can't exactly move about freely. 

I'm basically just waiting to hear the words 'don't get too excited, but I'm getting painful twinges' 

On hearing these words certain things will being happening, I will instantly go in to ultra helpful nothing is to much trouble mode, I will blanket text everyone we know, whilst not helping with counting contractions etc I will blitz the house so we will come home to a tidy house, I will make final checks of cameras and other items we need to take and mainly make sure Katy is comfortable. 

This is the plan anyway, obviously things happen and plans change so we will see. Reading one of my favourite blogs Oh so Amelia one item which is very popular is a certain giraffe. We now have one ready for our little one :-) thank you to our very best friend Megan who got it as a present. Here she is Sophie.

Here is Cheeky Harry who came over say cheese when Sophie was being snapped :-)

Another post without a newborn :-( I want to try and do a picture feed on Instagram of our labour experience. I will not worry about uploading them live as it happens but I'm going to take lots of picture on my phone as it is happening. I will then upload them in order with a hash-tag of ( #inlabour)