Tuesday, 20 November 2012

2 Days Overdue

I fear a theme will develop over the next few days. I will try and keep things fresh, however there is only one thing dominating our life's at the moment. That is the imminent arrival of our baby, we are two days over due now and I thought I'd post how this is effecting all of us.

To be honest for some reason we had not even once contemplated the thought that we could or would indeed go overdue. However here we are day two of being overdue and its really messing all of our plans up. We had planned financially that once I'm back to work on December 3rd, after paternity leave, the money that i earned that week was to go towards the remaining Christmas presents. Although I'm not going to be earning any less, all the plans we had on paper now have to be re-written to accommodate the shift in dates. No big deal but its just a little bit more to have to think about.

Due to the fact we had totally not prepared to go overdue its causing extra stress and it has made both of us, especially Katy, very grumpy. We are beginning now to look at these two week ahead as the longest two weeks of our life's. I'm finding it difficult to say the right things, well to be honest as I'm sure most of you will agree nothing I say these last days will be right. I'm totally happy with that and in fact I actively encourage Katy to be snappy with me I think she has good reason to be. She is very apologetic about being snappy but like I had mentioned I really do not mind.

One of the main reasons we never suspected we would go overdue is the fact Charlie was born on his due date and Harry was two days early. We thought as a rule of thumb you always go in to labour earlier with subsequent children 'How green were we'. It was made all the more apparent how green we were being when my mum told me I was two days late and my younger sister was two weeks late. That dis spells our theory and couldn't have mum told me earlier.

The little one will come when he or she is good and ready, its just a shame we were not more prepared for potentially these two weeks.