Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A weeks Food Post baby

As we seem to be being mega prepared this time, my amazing wife has spent all of last week making double of everything. The result being we now have a full weeks worth of food ready to re-heat and eat for the week after baby arrives. Its all low calorie homemade goodness as we intend to hit the diets hard as soon as she gives birth.

Here is a pic monkey picture of our stash. You might spot the treat shelf just ignore that shelf, pretend its not there :-)

We really can not do anything more to prepare, we need this baby. We are only just in our last week until the big 40 but we feel like we are overdue.

My wife would gladly give anything to be induced.

My next post could be the introduction post, you just do not know watch this space.


  1. Great idea! I wish I had done this before Amelia was born. Instead my mum brought dinner around most nights hahaha!


  2. That is super impressive!! we were so fortunate that people proud us means after we had our 2nd....otherwise we might have eaten peanut butter and jelly for weeks!!

  3. I don't see how she did that this close to delivery. I'm super impressed. I was barely able to do anything the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy. I can't wait to see the little one. :)

  4. so exciting.

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