Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Birth story continued...

We got up to the birth of Olivia May Gibson in my previous post so before we go any further I think we should have a set of photo's.

Isn't she a cutie :-) well, I'm bias. I'm not going to continue with the timeline, essentially we spent another three and a quarter hours in the hospital before being discharged. I will write about what happened during these hours. It was discussed very early on when we were admitted that if all went well with the labour we wanted to go straight home.

So after our beautiful Olivia was born skin on skin was initiated immediately, she gasped for air almost as soon as she was born and gained her colour immediately. Katy was, as to be expected, exhausted she appeared to be more tired and exhausted with this birth than both the boys. The labour was a long and slow one right until the end so i guess this could have played a big part.

I was asked if I wanted to cut the cord, this is something that I had given much thought and was unsure if I wanted to or not. I ended up deciding that I would make the decision when I was asked, when asked I just said yes. It was a lovely thing to do, however it was a very strange feeling cutting with the special scissors but I'm glad I did it. I didn't do it with the boys for one reason and another but I think maybe I should have.

After cutting the cord my wife was given the injection to deliver the placenta (placenta do not get any better looking do they?). This was examined and nothing un-toward was found Katy was then examined for tears of which there were none and she was cleaned up. After that the midwife finished writing up notes on the screen and the student midwife did a few checks and weighed Olivia. She weighed 8lb 2 1/2oz, we were then left and we were only interrupted for Katy to be given her toast and tea and for a few questions to be asked.

The next half an hour was lovely, Katy just spend the time recovering and we enjoyed meeting our Olivia. After this period of time, all of us went to the bath room so Katy could properly clean up and get changed. Once we had finished we went back to the room we had come from to wait to for the notes to be written up. They had problems with the computer systems, so they couldn't just photocopy the handwritten notes they had to write them out twice. This obviously took along time and we ended up hanging around waiting for an hour before we could go home which obviously was not good for Katy who just wanted her bed. We ended up leaving at 11.15pm this would have been a lot earlier if the computers were working, but no one had help hitches so we wont hold it against them.

It was a long day and I'm sat here now writing this and I feel like I have not yet properly recovered yet it was a perfect day in the end. Im so glad we now have a girl I would have been secretly a little bit disappointed if it was not a girl.