Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Birth Story

Hello planet Earth is there anyone out there ? Of course, I'm referring to the relative isolation you feel when a new-born comes along and consumes your 100% attention. I know I'm feeling that very heavily it's something I know will get better once we establish a routine which works. Now down to business.....!

Here is a time line of events from first contraction to going home, I'm going to talk about what was happening  and how I felt as apposed to just a list of what happened. Here we go ;

DATE : 22/November/2012

First pains and tightening's felt whilst out. I was not told about this at the time as it was only slightly more than braxton hicks

Went to bed normally not giving the pains and tightening's much thought.

DATE : 23/November/2012

Pains at this point were beginning to make sleep impossible. I'm now told they were regular at about 6 minutes apart. I was allowed to sleep by my amazing wife so I was still unaware at this point.

I woke up and went to find where Katy was as she was not in bed. I found her in the bathroom I just assumed she had to go to the toilet. She did mention she was having some painful tightening's but played it down. She said there were not regular and there was nothing ,at the moment, to get excited about. Looking back she was more sure than she let on, although she said they were not regular, they were. She didn't tell me for a number of reasons one being she wanted me to sleep and another being she didn't want me getting over excited.

Whilst I was awake for the past hour it became clear to see that these were not just little pains and I could see that they were regular. Katy was coping comfortably so to reserve energy and be more effective if I was needed later on I grabbed a few more hours sleep. I was excited that things might be happening but Katy kept me from getting to excited by saying its not regular enough yet and made me begin to doubt it. This made sleeping easier, I think I would have been up if I knew it was happen. Harry our youngest decide it was time to be awake, probably because of all the noise of us being awake.

At this time Katy had been coping brilliantly and had been working through the pain. Now she felt she needed my support so I was woken, I had decided that at this point Labour was a green light to go. She was  a little bit irregular in contraction timings but the pain now was evident and the times of contractions were about 4 minutes apart. I got on the phone to mum who we had pre-arranged as our 24 hour on call baby sitter to give her the heads up and got in contact with work to say I would not be in. I was excited now.

With all the commotion of the past few hours the confinement of Harry's cot bed was no longer acceptable in his eyes and he wanted out. So we ran Katy a bath and me and Harry went down stairs. I spent most of my time tidying the house ready and sorting Harry out.

I asked my mum to come over now so that she could look after the kids whilst I helped Katy.

Mum arrived and Katy was getting out of the bath. Whilst she was having her bath her contractions were three minutes apart and very very strong we were at this point ready to call the hospital and thought that we would be in there very soon. However...........!

This is where things started to go backwards. She noticed that the contractions started to get further apart. We were ready to call the hospital and pick up the bag and go off to have our baby. But now the contractions were beginning to hit the 5-6 minutes apart so we decided that we wouldn't call. At this point all the excitement I had been building up had been shattered.
At this point we feel like all that being awake has been for nothing me not going to work and getting mum around has been some cruel painful false labour. There was one small glimmer of hope, that was although the contractions had spread further apart they had been steadily getting stronger and more intense.

Not a lot had been happening up until now the contractions were all over the place but the pain was still steadily getting worst and we were getting more and more disheartened. We decided at this point that we wanted to see someone. We spoke to our midwife on the phone who told us that we should spin a little white lie and arranged for us to go for reduced fetal monitoring.

When we got to the hospital in the day assessment unit we were put on the CTG machine and we were offered a sweep. We didn't want to mention Katy had been having contractions as we didn't want to tempt fate. So we sat there being monitored for a more than satisfactorily wriggly baby and waited for our sweep.

The midwife came in to give Katy her sweep, on initial vaginal examination the midwifes face lit up like a Christmas tree. She said "Well you will not be going home today". She then went on to explain Katy was 5-6 cm dilated and had we been having pains? With a sigh of relief we explained that we had been having strange contractions and thought it was false labour. She re-affirmed that this was not the case and we were well on our way. She still performed the sweep to attempt to get Katy regularly contracting. We were sent for a walk and to have a good lunch.

By the time we had got to lunch, the sweeps desired effect had worked. The contractions had doubled in pain and intensity and were a good 4 minutes apart. It was an interesting lunch where I mostly spent the time rubbing Katy's lower back. Either way we had an expensive plate of chips and felt better for it but we did not hang around in getting back to the ward.

We arrived back at the day assessment unit and let them know we were well on the way, the midwifes arranged a bed for us down on the Central Delivery Suite (CDS).

We were escorted down two levels to CDS and were shown to our room .

We spent the next hour getting admitted to the ward and just concentrated on Katy standing up and breathing through the pain. Whilst being admitted we asked if the birthing pool was available, which it was.

We were moved from the first room to the birthing pool room. The contractions although were still mega intense and painful we noticed they started to creep further apart again. This rang alarm bells for us and we began to worry again. Neither one of us mentioned it at the time as we just didn't even want to think about the possibility of having to face labour stop or slow down. Katy got changed and got in to the birthing pool and found the pains more manageable

Gas and air was initiated and this helped Katy's coping ability.

At this point Katy had been labouring very intensely for a good few hours and things seemed to be going forward but slowly. So the midwife decided that it was time to get out of the birthing pool. She was finding it hard to keep track of baby's heart rate during contractions. We were examined and had our waters broken on the bed.

At this point we were contracting at the rate of three in ten minutes and the contractions had stepped up another level of intensity. The breaking of her waters had really moved things along. Katy was coping really well with just the gas and air and was working through each contraction well. I was there beside her offering a holder of the gas and air and back rubber through contractions. I was just concentrating on reminding her to breathe properly the thought of actually its not long hadn't really come in to my train of thought.

We were now at 4 contractions every ten minutes and Katy moved on to her side to help baby move on down. Katy was now experiencing monster pains in her back and contractions were at their strongest now.

We hit the second stage of Labour now, where the vertex was visible. Things began moving very quickly and Katy had the urges to push.

Delivery there were two major pushes after the the second stage of labour and baby was born. The actual birth was quick and uncomplicated. Baby gasped as soon as it  had been born then the midwife delivered the best news ever it was a baby girl. Our baby Olivia

That takes you right up to the Birth I will continue this post tomorrow..............thanks for reading !