Sunday, 18 November 2012

Charlie and Harry's favourite things.

Here is a little insight in to whats hot and whats not in Charlie and Harry's Life's.

I shall start with the most important things in a two year old and one year old's life's, their toys. Harry's latest thing is dinosaurs, he is obsessed, he only has one toy dinosaur at the moment. Despite this he went mad when we let him play with one from a toy shop, obviously he was distraught when we had to take it off him. So we plan to buy him plenty for Christmas, we really do not know where his obsession has come from. Charlies toy obsession still lies firmly with emergency vehicles it is so cute to watch him play with his police cars and make crashes.

Now we move on to another permanent fix in toddlers life's, their daily TV schedule. A program which was bound to be a new fix for the boys due to Harry's obsession, is Dinosaur train. This program is on Nick junior and is basically a train which can travel through time to different dinosaur periods. The characters learn about new dinosaurs by becoming friends. As a parent I'm happy for the kids to watch this program, I really like the message and even I'm learning things so its great for the little ones. Charlie still goes mad for Fireman Sam which is on Cartoonito and is about Sam 'the hero next door'. He is involved in hundreds of rescues some of which are utterly ridiculous and totally unrealistic however this program is not aimed at 25 year old's. Its lovely to see that he likes Fireman Sam as I loved this program as a child. See below I have uploaded modern day fireman Sam and Old school Fireman Sam.

Can you tell which is the old school Fireman Sam ?

The boys are not fussy eaters, thank the Lord, and they both have healthy appetites. Charlies latest favourite food is Pasta or Pasta's as he likes to say and given the choice he would eat it for Breakfast Lunch and Tea. Harry's thing is Bananas he would eat them all day long is we let him. They will almost eat anything given to them and they rarely will not try something which makes life easy. It means that we do not have to cook two tea's every night .

Other things they like to do now.

Harry says Dino-saur loads.
Charlie and Harry love dancing to Katy's I-pod
Charlie wants to skate board but when on one he just falls off :-(
Harry wants to ride a bike like Charlie but is just not quite ready

I love our boys so much and thinking about everything they are doing at the moment it just makes me feel so lucky.