Sunday, 11 November 2012


One of our most favourite things to do is go for a walk at a place called Saltram. It is one of the national trust hidden gem's it is right on the outskirts of Plymouth with it's such a great place to go as it's in a world of it own. It is a little piece country calm in the midst of city madness and is frequented by family's and runners keeping fit. I'd like now to tell you how I'm a regular jogger and how much I love Saltram for running. Nothing could be further from the truth I go there for an occasional walk and coffee maybe a cake if I'm feeling in the mood.

Here are a few photos from todays trip I'm sure there will be more trips to Saltram in this little blog space.

I'm climbing a tree Daddy

The cow's didn't want us to leave 

Harry learning to fly with uncle Karl and Tyler

It's my bike Harry !

A strange Owl man was there ??

Quack Quack Daddy

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