Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Blues

The decorations need taking down, the family have gone back home and left the house a tip and the front room is full of brand new toys without permanent home yet. I always find this interim period between Christmas and New year difficult and I find myself feeling positively blue. It has not helped this year that the weather has been awful, I have only seen 2 hours of dry weather since Christmas day. We had planned to get out with the boys and get some exercise walking in our favorite places, this has just not happened. That was my defensive to get rid of those Christmas blues but obviously I have not had this opportunity. 

We have taken all our decorations down now and today it has hit me the hardest I feel like something is missing like we have not taken full advantage of the holiday. Of course we have done loads and taken full advantage of family time but I'm still filled with this sense of something is missing. I always feel like this after a big event or holiday I guess it just my personality but it always catches me out after Christmas. 

I hate feeling like this because it make me a really grumpy old man and I snap at the kids and my wife which is not fair. I have found a few things helped for example talking to my wife about it and just counting to ten when i feel snappy. But the best thing to help is to get back in to my routine of work, then I know where I stand and I will feel happier that I'm not just waiting to go back.