Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Shopping !

We have a small window of opportunity to complete the boys Christmas shopping ! My mum has agreed to look after the boys for us so we can blitz the shops and spend every last penny we have. Would we have it any other way ? So, an intense shopping spree has to be structured and focused or else we will end up not getting the things we want and spending loads more than we should.

I feel a list coming on :-) This is what we want to get to complete the boys Christmas shopping. 

1. Mini Skateboard (Charlie) 
2. Dinosaurs (not living ones) (Harry)
3. Brio toy trains (Both)
4. New stick to the bath bath toys (Both)
5. Elefun ball popper (Harry)
6. Bananas in pj's toy (Charlie)
7. Books (Harry)
8. Toy Ambulance with opening back doors (Both)
9. Stocking fillers (Both)
10.  Thomas blue mountain motorized play-set (Charlie)

Mum has agreed to have the boys for us on Saturday, so we will be packing them off at 8.00am ready for doors opening at the shops at 9.00am.

Hopefully we will get everything we want !