Monday, 10 December 2012

Giveaway and 2 Week Update

Well I'm a few day's late but here is Olivia's two week update. I have a good reason as I wanted to wait until she saw the Midwife today. 

Well I'll start with the visit to see our midwife, the visit went well and Olivia has now been officially discharged. The previous visit was supposed to be her last but a weepy belly button and gunky eye put pay to that. However, she is now completely clear of all her aliments and the midwife was happy with her progress. 

She now weighs in at an impressive 9lb 2oz.

Her progress generally has also been great, she really opens her eye wide now  and has begun noticing things. We have been putting her down on her play mat for the last few days. She has really responded well to the stimulation of the lights and music and has even made some noises whilst on the mat.

She is starting to cope better with feeding and winding although I'm of the opinion that a change of formula will help. This train of thought has been born out of the fact that Charlie fed using the same formula. I don't think it will solve the wind problem changing the formula. However Harry was an absolute dream for bringing wind up, he used a completely different formula. Charlie and Olivia were and are fed on Cow and Gate stage One and Harry was fed on SMA Gold stage One.

It is the last thing I want to do messing around changing formula and upsetting what Olivia is used too. However there is a underlying urge to experiment and see if changing to SMA Gold makes the difference. 

If I'm honest I do not think I will change her formula now as she is used to it. I just think it would be nice to know.

Here are a few bath time photos with the cheeky chappy's and little miss Olivia.

Give away time!

It's only a small giveaway it is my first.

I hope you don't laugh to hard when you see my little giveaway but it's a start.


  1. She's a beauty! Glad all is well.
    Good luck to the winner :)

  2. She is growing up really quickly

  3. TOTALLY not laughing at your giveaway! I just had my first!! :) Your girl is growing SO FAST!!

  4. I love snuggling newborns! My baby girl is now 10 months and is starting to become very independent and not so much a snuggler so I cherish every snuggle she gives me! I just recently had my first giveaway as well, I am now on my second one! Giveaways are fun! Your kids are adorable!

  5. Hi great giveaway. Now following you. My 1st giveaway is over in 2 days.Come by and check it out. Hope you will follow back. Have a great day. :)

  6. Hi! I have a giveaway on my blog today too!


  7. Awww, she is just precious, congrats on the new baby.

  8. The thing I love most about newborns is the cute little noises they make - the sniffly little ooh's and stuff like that :) Miss mine being that age!xo