Thursday, 27 December 2012

I really regret that !

I have been somewhat consumed by life this last two weeks. Nothing has prepared me for how busy things have got. We have been hot property over Christmas, the couple with a new born. I have no problem with everyone coming to see us and have no problem with going to see them. It has just been the intensity of it all crammed in to two weeks, it has positively tired me out.

The Christmas period has taken it's toll on our little Harry he has been cutting teeth, big bad ass molars! He has been cutting these back teeth for the past few months now, however the last two weeks have been horrendous for him. He has been a little limpet and he screams his head off if either of us leave the room especially me. I’m not even allowed to play with Charlie without him being involved ,which is normal behaviour but its very particular at the moment.

One thing which has happened whilst he has been teething is he is being kept up at night with the pain. Obviously we try and give him medicine as and where we can, but when he wake giving him a dose does not have an immediate effect. So we then look to other ways which we can soothe him, which leads me nicely to the point I want to make with this post. One of the things we really regret not doing with Harry is giving him a soother. Going back to what I was saying, we turned to ways to soothe him whilst the medicine takes effect. If he had had a soother then we could have use it to soothe him. However because we never pushed it when he was young he now doesn’t like them, he just throws them away! The only thing which he finds soothing is a bottle which works usually, unless you have painful teeth then the cold juice inside it just makes things worst. The bottles I’m referring to are the tommee tippee milk bottles, we still use these for him because we can not use a soother to provide comfort.

Obviously this has been a huge extra strain on our night life’s what with Olivia still wanting feeds in the night. It's not only this event which has made us come to the conclusion that we regret not pushing the soother. About a 5 months ago we were having major problems with getting Harry off to sleep. He would go up to bed with a full bottle of weak juice however he would usually finish this very fast. Then he wouldn’t settle without more, so foolishly we gave him more which he got used to. At the height of the problem we were giving him three weak juice bottles to get him off to sleep. But it was not uncommon for him to wake three times a night and want more to settle him back to sleep. This resulted in wet bed sheets every morning despite changing him in the night and a lot of stress.

Once we had established that things had got out of hand (which we all let happen from time to time) we took action. A strict half bottle was slowly introduced for putting him up to bed with and he was going to have to learn that once it had gone that was that. As you can imagine this was like someone prodding him with a sharp stick all evening.

 It didn’t take us long to get to a point where he was not screaming the house down for more once he was finished. As for waking at night time and he was allowed a juice in a Sippy cup for if he was thirsty but not a bottle. This works very well for us now and we are relieved that we are managing the situation.

However can you see how if we had just pushed the soother in the first place all of this would have never happened.