Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tommee Tippee Milk Powder Dispenser Review

Milk Powder Dispensers Review 
This is my first review of a product for my blog, I have not been asked to do this by a company. I have recently begun to realise the full potential of my blog and that having an audience means you have opportunity's. This can be as simple as being involved in sponsoring a fellow blogger. Or it could be as exciting as receiving products, related to your blog, to review.

I have not received the Tommee Tippee closer to nature milk dispensers I have brought them myself. 

The dispensers come in a pack of six and have lids which are in two halves. One half creates a seal around the main dispenser chamber and the other half slides on top of the first half sealing the contents in.

We have found that the dispensers fit together with the bottles effortlessly and we have never had problems with the lids not screwing down. We really like that the whole system sits inside the bottles, this has been a god send when going out as it cuts down on the amount of space taken up in the change bag, as we have a small one this has been amazing. Also this product has helped masses for the night time feeds. It means you do not have to fumble about with formula, making 'x' amount of level scoops in the dead of night, all you have to do is pour.

The main thing we really liked about this product was that it made meal delivery quick. All you need to do is unscrew pour and shake, no messing around with getting formula out and counting out scoops. This has made a happier baby in our opinion (see pictures below).

We have found it takes along time to air dry the insides of the dispensers, we usually just wipe it with some kitchen roll. When we do this it seems to makes us feel the sterilisation process is less effective. However this is only a minor point on an otherwise fantastic product.


Allows you to prepare feeds in advance.
Neatly fitting for going out and about.
Makes night time feeds easier.
Quicker meal delivery for baby.


Takes time to air dry.

Over all, we have found this product very beneficial and would recommend it to anyone who is using formula.