Saturday, 8 December 2012

Santa's Grotto 2012

So this years trip to see Santa has gone down a storm and without any tears. We returned to the same place we went with the kids last year, a large Garden center on the outskirts of Plymouth. We paid £5.99 this gets you in, a badge and a toy worth £4 we thought this was not bad value. The decorations around the waiting path were fantastic, well they would be as everything could be brought. We were a little bit disappointed that this year they had not built the slide which kept the kids entertained last year. We also found the Santa we visited liked to chat to us about some of the other people he had seen that day. Had the kids been older, and understood a little bit more about Christmas, it could have ruined the experience a bit.

The boy's loved wearing their Christmas jumpers to see Santa, however Harry managed to spill beans down it five minutes after seeing Santa.

Olivia Just didn't care about the whole Christmas thing, we got her a badge which say's I've seen Santa for her keep sake box.

Today has been the final day of Christmas shopping or should I actually say today should have been. We managed to get the majority of the boys things today but there are a few things outstanding from my list posted on Friday. We are mega excited so we decided to get everything down from the loft and we took pictures of everything we have got.

As always we didn't managed to get all the things on the list. One reason for this was because some of the things were just too expensive for the quality of product. Another reason was we just couldn't find it, however we did find an amazing little independent toy shop called Whoopee ! We found some of the wooden train sets for a very reasonable price. These guys have a Facebook page I think they are well worth a like just for having great customer service and very friendly staff.