Friday, 28 December 2012

True meaning of Christmas

On viewing our pictures of Christmas one stood out, not because it was a perfectly composed picture but for the reaction on Charlies face. It sum's up sadly what Christmas has singularly become for some people in this material world. The reaction was one of pure joy at the sight of so many presents and this is the reaction we look for as parents as we want them to be over joyed. I realised that on the run up to Christmas this was all we had been building him up for.

However seeing his reaction made me think that we have not been able to teach him any values this Christmas and that for him Christmas was purely about presents. When I read this post over at momto8blog It made me realise that I didn't want my Children thinking Christmas was all about gifts for them. The post sum's up perfectly the true meaning of Christmas from both sides and i urge you to read it !

 I'm not about to pledge that next year ill buy no presents, because frankly its a perfect excuse to update and renew their toys. But as they grow up I want to have established that Christmas is a time for kindness and a time to for sharing for everyone. I'm not going to force the story of Christmas on the children yet, school will do that for me, however I will introduce the basic's. Spiritually neither do i believe or not believe but I do acknowledge that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and stands for a lot more than just presents and spending money. 

I know the kids are young so this is more of a note to self for the future but its worth mentioning. There is far to much want want want in this world.

Do check out monto8blog's post it stood out as the perfect meaning of Christmas.