Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekend at 100mph !

As the title suggests the weekend was a blip, it went so fast, we were so busy and we seemed to only do a few things. Of course just popping out for five minutes can take forever with three under three. 

We managed to get in to town for the last bits of shopping for Christmas. It was heaving, wall to wall people, and I don't do well in crowds. However we did manage to pick these cute All-in-ones up from Next for £16.00 each.

We picked up two, one for Harry as well. The boys wouldn't pose together for a picture so you just have Charlie.  They have also been given those snazzy dinosaur welly boots by Nanny recently and they still love wearing them around the house :-). Harry stomps around saying di-no-door and then rraarrring !

We spent most of Saturday just pottering around we had wanted to go out for a friends wedding in the evening. However we both just felt so run down that we decided a quiet date evening with microwave curry's from Tesco's a better option !

We had a lovely night and the food was lovely, but as usual we ate far to much and felt rotten for the rest of the evening and had a poor nights sleep.

Then, as if that wasn't enough we went to see Santa again. This time Katy's dad wanted to take them, he was paying so we were going ha ha ha. It was a cheaper grotto to visit however I would rate it much higher than the other grotto we visited before. The one before cost £5.99 per child with one toy, this weekend grotto cost £4 per child plus 50p per adult.

 The cue for the grotto was huge, however when you got in to the undercover bit everything was beautifully decorated. There was so much to look at the kids hardly noticed how long the cue was taking to go down.  The Santa was 100% better than the one from last time, he engaged with the kids and talked about presents and made it magical. Charlie was in awe of this seasonal Idol, unlike the one from the other week. The Santa from the other week spent most of the time talking to us about the other people he had seen which would have ruined it if the kids were older.

See, it seems like not a lot for one weekend but once you add in ever little trip here and just got to visit there. It really makes for a very busy weekend. 

I'm trying to keep my posts regular and really wanted to do a few over the weekend but obviously there just was no time. For this I apologise and will try to plan and fit them in.