Thursday, 13 December 2012

What's new in Olivia's life?

Well Olivia is three weeks old tomorrow and my goodness hasn't it gone fast. I was amazed with the boys and I am amazed with Olivia at just how fast they develop. Nearly everyday when I come home from work she seems to have developed further. I love it when I do come home because when I say her name and get on to my hands and knees and lean in to the bouncer she seems to recognise me. It's only her slightly moving her head or arms but it seems like she gets excited, this is really nice after a long day.

I feel like I miss so much of her development having to work. In an ideal world I'd like it to be that me and Katy were stay at home parents. I know that this will never happen unless our lottery numbers come in so for now I cherish every moment.

We as a family are beginning to get in to the swing of things, but with Christmas looming I'm sure this will shake it all up again. At present we are liking our set routine of an evening it goes something like this.

4.45pm Get in from work
5.00pm Tea Time
5.30pm Bath time for all three kids
6.00pm Quiet time down stairs and bottle for Olivia (Ill do dishes in this time)
7.00pm Boys to bed (This is my blog time)
7-10 R & R for Mummy and Daddy (In this time Olivia tends to be very relaxed and sleepy. This wasn't the case last week, but we found bath time has helped to relax her)

I'm planning another video and we shall see if little miss shows you her eyes, last time she just slept. Hopefully Charlie will refrain from giving you a close up of his nostrils.