Saturday, 26 January 2013

10 Free Blog Directories to submit your blog too

10 Free blog directories to submit your blog too

Blogging for your specific audience is about delivering quality content that interests your reader. You want that content to be seen by as many people as possible, after all you have put time and hard work in to writing it. This post is aimed at giving newbie bloggers a good selection of blog directories to submit your blog too after all we all need tutorials to get going. There are a number of ways for getting your posts seen by readers.

Being submitted on blog directories enable readers to find your blog through their reading preference, your blog with be categorised in to your chosen field. This is good, you will find the right audience through this method. This will increase traffic, increase returning traffic, give greater visit duration times and get you more readers.  

There are more advanced methods of increasing blog traffic for example writing pillar posts or using good Search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics

Blog traffic is a great indicator of how popular your blog is, adding to blog directories can increase this traffic.  I want to share with you this list of blog directories to help everyone increase traffic. I hope that you can find some great blog directories to submit your blog too.

  •  ontoplist This site uses your RSS feed address and you have access to a number of tools to help promote your blog.

  •  Blog Catalog This allows you to sign up your blog under your category. The website is well laid out and simple for users to explore blogs.
  •  Globe of blogs Great site which has been very well organised, submit your blog and make use of its array of features. This site has a vast array of catorgries to choose from and is a very popular choice.
  • Brit Blog  Is due to relaunch in late summer but you can submit your blog details now.
  • Blogging Fusion is edited by an army of volunteers ensuring that only quality blogs are listed. Blogging Fusion uses advance statistics tracking to collect valuable information about your blog.
  • Blog flux A nice neat and easy to use site, it takes some great meta search information when submitting. It seems to be a very comprehensive site.

  • Technorati Plenty of options and a nice site to use with plenty of users.
  • Tots100 A fantastically organised site aimed at the parenting blogging world. However tots 100 use a unique scoring algorithm that reflects a blog’s popularity, influence and engagement. This really is a great directory to be included in although your chart position may become an obsession.
  • Top baby blogs This site works on getting your audience to vote for you great to submit to.
  • Blog Hints Loads of categories and great interface.

I hope that I have highlighted some blog directories you did not know about. Its a lot to try and sign up all at once I find signing up one by one and getting to know each sites features the best way to get the most out of submitting.

There are so many ways to increase you blog traffic but submitting your blog to directories is a good place to start. 

Thank you for reading