Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Baby Olivia May

It has been a few weeks since we had an update so it is about time I bring you up to date. Our little angel is 8 weeks old now and with out sounding like a broken record, time has flown by.

What are we doing now ? Well we have not had to many new developments mainly just major improvements on the previous development from the six week update.

We are becoming quiet the little chatter box, she must be getting it from her mummy. Before she would only just make an odd noise, now if you catch her in a good mood you can talk to her and she will just chatter back with her noises.

Say cheese Olivia ! She loves to smile all you have to do is gently stroke her chin and with in seconds she will crack the best smile in the world.

She still wants to try and stand up, obviously supported, but she keeps up with her attempts. We will have to be telling her to walk before she can run soon. 

She saw the nurse today for her jabs, the evil cow stabbing my baby !!!!!!!! But it's for the best I suppose, but she is a grumpy baby now. I'm just hoping it does not disturb her night time routine, she had just settled in to a brilliant routine sleeping the majority of the night.