Sunday, 27 January 2013

Get fit with me and Blogger I Pad Opportunity

When it comes to fitness, it would be fair to say it is not my thing. However a few things are potentially coming up this year that i'll need to be fighting fit for. I have an app on my phone which will be tracking my progress. I'm about a two weeks in to my chosen form of fitness training which is running. Before last week I had never run any considerable distance especially not for fitness so its a massive up hill battle for me.

One of the main stumbling blocks for me is finding the time to go out, with three kids it is a struggle to find the time to do anything. However we have found a time slot which is straight after getting the kids to bed where I can go out for the walk/run. It suits well because whilst I'm out my wife is settling Olivia down for the night so the extra quiet house is welcome. (said with a pinch of salt, with the boys playing up at the moment bedtimes are anything but a quiet time)

I have done some Google research on the best ways to begin running for fitness and the main thing which all sites have said is to start of slowly. This makes sense really there is no chance of me going out day 1 and trying to run a mile it would just not happen. So I decided on a route which was convenient and had a mix of hills and flat stretches and set out two weeks ago for my first power walk. It suggests you begin, if you are not used to any fitness, to do a gentle walk to start with but I'm not unused to fitness so I skipped a few steps. 

My first outing would begin with a power walk and introduce a run for the last 200 meters or so. I have spent the time this week moving that final 200 meters further back by 50 meters at a time. I found that although this was a good way to break me in to things slowly but I did not feel as if I was being challenged enough. I took the decision to start the running portion of my walk about 3/4 mile away from home on Friday. Needless to say I didn't make it all the way, but this was a good sign in my books, I had pushed myself to a breaking point. Today I went out again reluctantly but ran from the same point and this time I made it all the way home and felt like I had achieved something. Now I'm planning to start that little bit further back and am looking forward to the day I can run the entire way around.

I will keep you posted on my progress through my fitness journey, I hope I can inspire a few of you to start some fitness journeys of your own.

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