Thursday, 24 January 2013

Top 10 baby products

.......that Olivia uses at the moment.

Olivia does not really have much of a demand at the moment, basically it goes feed, bum, feed, sleep...... you get the idea she is a small baby. We use a number of baby products based on what we get on with, Olivia has just got on with whatever we have given her. In time she will have her demands I'm sure but for now I'll share with you what we like to use.

I want to keep a record of the baby products we use for our records and as a nice thing for Olivia to look back on. 

1 Tommee Tippee milk bottles
2 Tommee Tippee milk dispensers
3 Pampers Nappies size1

 4 Baby bath recliner
5 Tommee Tippee Orthodontic Soothers 
6 Johnson's bedtime baby bath

7 Cow & Gate milk powder stage 1
8 Sudacrem
9 Tesco's Fragrence free baby wipes
10 Maxi Cosy Cabrio fix car seat 

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