Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Early Learning Center Digi-cool Review

For Christmas Charlie got a ELC Digi-cool camera I though I'd share with you my thoughts on the product.

Firstly, lets start with what Charlie and what he thought of the Early learning center (ELC) Digi-Cool. After all he is in the products demographic age range and his thoughts make the Digi-Cool a success or failure.

He completely loves the product he loves just taking picture of anything. When he started with the  ELC Digi-cool he wasn't actually taking pictures he was just pressing the button, not waiting long enough. We were able to teach him how to use it properly fairly easily, because the Digi-cool makes a capture noise when the picture has been taken. We made Charlie slow down and listen to the capture sound, now he knows he has to wait for that sound for the picture to be taken. 

We have not yet been able to get hm to play any of the games, however he is only three years old so this is not a negative point to the ELC Digi-cool.

Here he is getting in on Mummy and Daddy Photo shoot !

What do we like about it,

It keeps Charlie focused on a particular subject.
He learns how to aim the camera at a subject thanks to the screen.
Easy navigation between the menus to view pictures taken.
Great looking design and easy to hold.
Convenient strap to avoid drops.
Fun to use with games as an option when finished taking photos. 
Easy picture upload.
Simple and easy to learn what the buttons do.

What we didn't like,

We have found the picture quality poor, my phone takes better quality images.
The battery slot cover is far to easy to remove for tiny fingers.

The ELC Digi-cool product is very good and even though we had a few issues with picture quality and the battery slot covers, I'm still impressed. I'd happily recommend but would think issues like the picture quality would prevent me getting another one in the future when Charlie and Harry were older.

Ratings 0 Poor - 10 Outstanding

Easy of use for  9/10
Design  9/10
Quality of products main function 6/10

Overall 7/10