Monday, 18 February 2013

Tantrums, dribble and trouble.

How can this lot cause a post title like Tantrums, dribble and trouble I hear you ask whilst cooing over this angelic looking picture. Well let me tell you its all a front to a much more darker side the boys "Charlie" have decided to adopt recently.

 This behavior has suddenly worsened this Saturday, we have experienced the odd blip with him before now but nothing on this scale. It all started in the morning we were due to visit our favorite place Crealy Adventure Park but Charlie was just ignoring us. We had given him a number of warnings and he still continued to be defiant screeching no at us, storming around hitting Harry and us. It got to the point where we said, "That's it! Your not going" and that was that we didn't go. This is how out of sorts Charlie was, he just didn't seem to bat an eyelid, he acknowledged that he was not going and expressed a sense of disappointment. Normally it would have devastated him, this is what makes me wonder whats going on whats changed in his life to numb the disappointment of not going to Crealy.

On the same day when I went to put him to bed, it was just me Katy had gone out, the boys decided that it was monkey time. But again Charlies behavior got to the point where it just wasn't our child. On the numerous occasions when I went to stop all the jumping, screaming and shouting Charlie simply laughed. He ran away from me, shouted go away, thew things at me and physically hit me. Watching him do this was like watching him running on a bad fuel he just was not being our normal Charlie.
 Whats certain about this situation is action is required to address his behavior but obviously these situations are not as cut and dry as 1,2,3. The first thing for us to address is what makes his behavior worsen. I have noticed his behavior gets more ignorant when I get home from work or like on Saturday when they have just me in-charge. I have to identify whether it is a jealous thing towards Harry who is desperate for my attention when its just me. Or whether it could be my attitude which can be a bit sporadic at times. I know I need to address this as it can often confuse the kids. 

Although I know I need to be less inconsistent, I do not think it on its own has brought this sudden behavioral change in Charlie. It probably has not helped but I feel the blame lies in diet. We provide the kids with a healthy balanced diet, with a good dinner time routine and good table manners. I feel that we have let some of the standards slip somewhat recently. I'm not saying we have been feeding them super-size me MC Donald's meals, but some slightly more unhealthy options have been on the menu recently. Mixed with us being a little bit weak with enforcing dinner time routine, I feel here is where we are getting the most problems from.

Although Harry plays up when Charlies bad behavior gets bad, you can see Harry is not instigating anything he is simply following Charlies lead. I'd like to re-establish a good consistent healthy dinner, healthy snacks and weak sugar free juices throughout the day. If this is possible we should be able to calm the boys down enough to get back to the happy house we are used too.

Whilst all this has been going on Olivia is beginning to dribble a barrel load of the stuff a day, a sure sign teeth are on the way.