Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Baby Show Stars !

I went to The Baby Show on Friday and so far have not really given you the reader much of an insight in to what I liked, for that I'm sorry. To make amends I'm going to show you the products which I loved. I made most of the stand occupiers giving me a good sales pitch of their products so I could deliver you my best thoughts on the products.

I have to say this is not an original Idea I got the idea from two amazing blogs Mumma Melio and My life, My Son, My Way. If you want a good read check these guys out.

Right here we go I was impressed with a lot of the things at the baby show but here are the products which seriously impressed me. I'm going to start with the two products which excited me the most.

The bunk cot company really impressed me with their space saving bunk cot's. It allows you to save a considerable amount of space and for us this product would be great for when Olivia is ready to move in to the boys room. The cots are suitable for newborns and are easily converted into bunk beds. The beds can be used right up until the children are 6 which is great.

Crystal Imprints sell beautiful glass impressions of your children's hands or feet, and they look amazing. I'm seriously considering getting a set. The impressions are aesthetically good looking and would look great displayed on any living room mantle piece. They have a range of colours, sizes, shapes and all come with stands. The impressions are made from clay and can be done at home then sent to the factory by post.

Strider balance bikes do they make these for adults ? The perfect product to keep the boys entertained for hours, they retail for £84.99. The bike is mega light and very strong also I liked that the rider when ready could stand on the frame near the rear. This would allow your child to gain lots of balance. I'd love to review this product as my boy's would love them.

Snugglebundl is a really well thought about product and would be great for us with Olivia at the moment. The blanket allows you to easily lift baby in and out of the car set with out disturbing them. The product allows you to lift the baby in the blanket but at the same time fully supporting their neck and spine.

Funky box is great way to carry your wet wipes around and the product seals its self so the wet wipes stay wet. The box allows you to dispense one wipe at a time and they have a larger box which goes well in nurseries. The one displayed above is the travel box and there is a lot of designs to choose from.

Vera Temp a non-contact infrared thermometer its simply brilliant. It can be so difficult to get the kids temperature sometimes so this product would make it so much easier. Its so simple to use just point and click and you get your reading, you can save the reading so you do not forget. The product has been proven to be more consistent that traditional ear thermometers, also as it is non-contact its a more hygienic way of measuring.

Pourty makes potty time much less hassle, I'm talking from experience. I have two potties each 99p from supermarkets and the amounts of times I have made a mess. This product makes this transaction between pee and toilet a much smoother one.

Fill and squeeze have a product which allows you make up and puree your babies food then fill the pouches. This makes meal time a lot less messy and make getting veg into your little ones fun.