Friday, 8 March 2013

EasyRetweet, gain twitter traffic easily.

Twitter has to be my best source's of traffic, when I actually utilize its full potential. I have begun to use EasyRetweet , it allows me to gain twitter traffic easily and it is free. I just have to share it with all of you lovely readers. 

There are many twitter dashboards out there and I'm sure they are easier to use than EasyRetweet but they cost money.

Let me run through the main features I use as a free user,

- I can schedule my tweets
-I can set tweets to be re tweeted by other users.

These features can be very useful for the busy parent who only has between 7.00pm and bedtime to blog, tweet, like and be pintrested. It will allow you to remain connected to your twitter audience and gain twitter traffic easily 24/7. With the re-tweet element it allows you to be exposed to potentially ten's of thousands of twitter users. Lets begin talking about how EasyRetweet works, I will begin with the scheduling feature.

Its fairly self explanatory it allows you to write a tweet and then set it to go live at a chosen date and time. Above see my list of scheduled tweets and the drop down menu. The larger arrow indicates where to go to set your tweets to schedule and the smaller arrow indicates where to go so you can view your schedule. This allows you to gain twitter traffic easily and consistently throughout the day with out constantly being on your phone.

The Re tweet feature works on a point's system basically to set a tweet to be re tweeted by other users it will cost you points. You earn points by re tweeting other users tweets, so you can see this is an effective way of creating a busy hub of tweets.

You can see the arrow pointing to this figure, as you Re-tweet other users the points you earn show up here. Then you can use these points to set a price for you re tweet. You need to be sensible setting your price, for example if you set 30 points for your re-tweet but open it to only 2000+ follower users then you will probably not get any re tweets. It is something well explained with in Easy Retweet and you soon learn what is a good price and follower level to set your re-tweet at.

There is an option to pay a subscription which gives you 3000 points a month free and a number of other features. But at the moment I'm finding the free side of EasyRetweet enough for me a humble blogger.

Its is a lot to take in just sat reading this post about the way it works, as I always say the best way to learn is to get stuck in. You will find that you can get some fantastic exposure from some big twitter users with massive followings. It's a great way to gain twitter traffic easily.