Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Going to nursery

Charlie will be starting at a Montessori nursery in April, and alarm bells are ringing he needs stuff to be prepared. He needs to be mentally ready, which judging by his continuous harping on about going is one tick in the box. He will also need a number of things  this is where I have been caught off guard. I had never thought much about it but he will need lots of extra things to go !

We decided to send him to a Montessori as we really like the learning ethos. It basically says that a child should enjoy the freedom to learn in an environment which provides a lot of opportunity to do so. The nursery we have chose has shelves upon shelves typical Montessori education tools although to Charlie they just look like toys, which is the brilliance behind the Montessori ethos. We will get a learning journey whilst he is at the nursery that we can add to through out the period he attends.

(How does that look like anything more than fun)

The nursery requires him to have a number of things which we will have to get him.

Our list of things to get is as follows;

1 Lunch Box with  a healthy lunch to send everyday

2 Slippers

3 Rucksack to hold the slippers and lunch box

4 Spare cloths to stay at the nursery

In the UK every child gets 15 hours free a week of nursery vouchers from the age of 3.

He will be going from April and on the days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 11.45 am and 3.15pm. This is not the full 15 hours as the nursery did not have the space until September.

Then from September he will get his full 15 hours free allowance from the good ole' government this time he will be going Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 8.45am and 3.15pm (Bliss)

Charlie is really looking forward to it he can not wait, we really hope that this helps calm his behavior.