Sunday, 3 March 2013

Music Mania !

It is the funniest thing in the world to see a kid dance to music, the boys just love to stop and have a wobble and a bum shake. We have recently brought a DAB digital radio and have it on in the kitchen, a lot more music being played as a result. We could be just cooking tea for example, look around to see Charlie and Harry wiggling their bums to gangnam style. It has been one of the thing which have made us laugh recently. 

What else is happening in our day to day lives ? We are all feeling the effects of colds so we have not been doing anything to exciting. We did visit Crealy our favorite adventure play park on Saturday but that has made everyone feel even worst.

I'm keeping it very short and sweet tonight, I want to get more posts out this week I have been far to relaxed with posting.

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