Thursday, 7 March 2013

Olivia loo, Eating !

Not much has been said about Olivia recently, this is down to a number of factors. Not much in new development has happened and I have been off work with the cold from hell! Not man ful this is proper bad !!!! Alright its man ful :-p

We have brought our first boxes of baby breakfast, we have not yet tried to feed Olivia anything yet but we will in the next few days.

She is 15 weeks old (3mths and a bit) this is a tad younger than the box says, but she is the size and has the strength of a much older baby. We threw the book away years ago, we follow advice for feeding based on whats dangerous and avoid  for example dairy products etc. The way I see it if we make a judgement that Olivia is ready for baby breakfast a month before the packaging says then that's all good in my book. We started the boys on things early as they were beasts and it did them no harm. 

I do get annoyed by people, who get annoyed with parents who do not follow the book, there are so many books which suit so many people. My saying is just take the bits you like and forget the bits you do not like. Don't sweat the small stuff there is no correct path for parenthood. Sorry if I have bored you with my rant but so many people give you snares for things you do, I get defensive about the subject !

Getting back to subject, Heniz Breakfast cereal is our choice the boys loved these cereals and I'm sure Olivia will too. I will be sure to upload pictures of the results when we try Olivia on the food.