Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Fatherhood - Fiat 500L 12" Remix

I always enjoy watching viral funny video takes on parenting. The latest edition to these videos is from Fiat,The Fatherhood - Fiat 500L 12" Remix. The guy looks a little strange but never the less the lyrics made me laugh here is the video.

The Fatherhood - Fiat 500L 12" Remix

I'm a 90's child so I never knew the new romantics era but my parents were very active apart of the new romantics scene, so this made me warm to this video. Its linked to a video featuring a mum doing a rap from a few months back you may have seen it 'The Motherhood' feat. Fiat 500L
I think The Fatherhood - Fiat 500L 12" Remix is a take of a Human League song, I thought it was going to be don't you love me baby. 

I thought I'd share the video with you because I liked the light heated take on fatherhood and the little in jokes only parents would get. I'm not yet convinced by the horse that appears in the rear of the car near the end of the video. Maybe the original music video had one in I do not know but it did make me laugh.

The Fiat 500L is actually a really cool looking car I could see myself driving it, maybe they want a daddy bloggers opinion on the car? The price, although out of my reach is actually not bad £15,790.00 for a new car these days is really good. The car oozes cool and has a choice of colors which can be mixed and matched see the link below.

Find out more about the Fiat 500L here

If I had an inheritance or a lotto win i think i would'nt think twice about getting one it's got that mini swagger! It's not your typical big family car and for us it would have its space limitations but it does look practical.