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Cure for Cradle Cap

Baby Cradle Cap Cures
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What is Cradle cap ?

Cradle cap is the yellow, greasy scaly patches that can appear on your babies head. Cradle cap is harmless and very common, usually only lasting a few weeks.

Cradle cap is not a contagious condition, is not due to poor hygiene and is painless

Seborrhoeic dermatitis is the medical name for Cradle cap

 It looks like it would be very uncomfortably and itchy but it very rarely causes any problems for you little ones. In some cases, especially ours, it can last a lot longer. Charlie, Harry and Olivia have all had and for along time. They never really complained about it but it did look unsightly.

Do you need to get it cured?
Most cases of Cradle cap will clear up on their own and has no lasting effects. Their are a number of treatments and remedies to try and find a cure for Cradle cap.

Using my experience (Not medical knowledge) I have some tips for you to try and achieve a cure for Cradle Cap
  • Prescribed Cradle Cap Shampoo, this didn't have any effect on our children's Cradle Cap.  . However our case seemed to be fairly extreme so this may well help with your case of Cradle cap. 
  • Over the counter Cradle Cap Shampoo, also did not have any effect on the Cradle Cap again maybe worth a try.
  • Natural Oil remedy, we used Olive Oil in the boys hair and massaged it in to the scalp. Then combed it out after a day. It had a slight effect but didn't cure it. 
Cradle caps appearance.

Cradle cap is very distinctive with its large yellow/brown greasy scales covering the scalp. However sometimes it is possible that it can cover other areas - face, ears or neck. The scales usually flake away however in our case this didn't happen.

The cause of Cradle Cap?

Experts are unsure exactly what causes the Cradle cap however some have suggested it is linked to over active sebaceous glands. These glands are responsible for producing oily substance called Sebum.

Some more on causes for Cradle cap.

Our Cure for Cradle cap

Head and shoulders Anti dandruff shampoo

This is the product we found used over a period of time keeps Cradle cap at bay. It has successfully cleared the boys heads up and proved to be our cure for Cradle cap. We use this product carefully as it is not a mild baby shampoo and I would urge you to do the same. 

You can buy the shampoo at any major supermarket and is a fairly inexpensive treatment which the whole family can use.

I have researched all of my facts from the NHS website and to my knowledge everything I have written is accurate at the time of publishing.

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