Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jacket Potato Filling Ideas

It's time for a feature on my blog, I don't usually run features as I just have not got the time to dedicate to fulfilling the feature week in week out. This feature will not be a weekly thing it will be as and when I have a Jacket potato. I hear you cry why on earth do we want to know every time you have a Jacket Potato? 

The Jacket Potato is traditionally served with Beans, Tuna, Cheese, Prawn Marie rose but I'm on a quest to try out some new exciting fillings. I want to share my thoughts on all of the exciting fillings I will be having and armed with my Pinterest account I will collect them on a Jacket Potato Filling board. I intend to try the positively barmy to the fine dining so there should be something for everyone. I would love your suggestions for fillings please leave comments I'm open to trying everything.

Lets start with some basics about Jacket Potatoes, they are very healthy with the correct fillings and make the perfect hearty meal. Salad's accompany them perfectly and with a little dressing it make it really tasty. I'm trying to eat in a much healthier manor as I'm eating way to much junk at the moment. I'd like to think that this will help me loose some weight and become healthier. I go to the gym at the moment and one thing I have noticed is my weight loss has slowed down. I want this to help boost that weight loss.

How to cook a Jacket Potato I'm not going to get in to details but essentially for the best results cook them in the oven at 200 Degrees. Cook until soft in the middle how-ever long that takes:-) I told you I'm not an expert :-p. You can cook them in a microwave but I find that they can be a bit tasteless.

Today's Jacket Potato filling is Tuna mayo with cucumber chunks. It was served with a Butterhead & Baby Leaf Salad and light French style dressing. I added a little bit of cheese for good measure.

My thoughts

This is a big favorite so no surprise that the combination was great the salad with the dressing really helped give it that light tasty crunch. It is one of my favorite toppings hence why I have started the feature with this one. I have never tried the salad with it before and it really helped make the dish delicious. No much else to say on this combination as it is already very popular. 

My next Jacket Potato will be..........?

I will look to put together something a little more wild next time.

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