Monday, 18 November 2013

Weekend Round up

 What we got up to this weekend ! It was a busy one and we didn't really have time to stop and think, a sign of a good weekend. 

I started the weekend off with a brisk visit to one of my favourite shopping places the Ridgeway we visited a few shops including Victoria's Vintage Sweet Company. We got a small bag of sweets for the boys and then went of to do something very exciting.

The next stop was Salisbury's to order our Turkey crown for Christmas whilst we were there my wife brought herself a onesie. She needs one as we are all going on the Polar express on the 23rd December which is a train ride which is an experience of the film Polar express. The kids can not wait to get on board with their golden ticket and get their hot chocolate. They have a website where you can choose the north or south attraction we will obviously be going to the south.

Charlie's swimming lesson came next, he did really well and this week, finally getting his ears in the water whilst swimming backwards. The teacher Josh pulled him up at the end and said he was doing very well and he had come on a lot in that lesson. I was so proud of the little dude and he was even more proud of what he had achieved. However Harry was very sad as he isn't old enough to have swimming lessons. He can not understand why he is left out, we try and tell him when he is three he will have them but its falls on death ears.

We then had to pop to Lidl's to do some shopping and then home, which is where we thought we would stay until my mum rings. We get invited to a place called Saltram for a walk with the boys with just enough light left we decide its a good idea and agree.

That was all on Saturday we were totally spent that evening and went to bed early.

Sunday was our nice relaxing day compared to Saturday, I decided to start it off with a good workout at the gym. After that we treated the boys to a McDonald's for Lunch, which they totally loved as we sat inside. Tempting as it was to get the 1955 all we had was coffee deciding instead to do a full on Sunday roast.

We needed to get a few bits for the Roast so we popped in to Morrisons to get Yorkshires, parsnips, stuffing and gravy.

Then it was time to do the job I have been putting off for weeks, clean the guttering and soffits :-(. Once I started it went really well and it was all done just in time for the roast dinner.

We were going to bake a cake after dinner with the kids but they decided they wanted to make paper air planes. Which provided hours of fun, it always does. The simple things are always the best.

That was our weekend and it was one of the best weekends I have spent with my family for months!