Monday, 9 December 2013

Gold fish - Ideal pets for little ones


Having a small aquarium conjures up horrible thoughts, spending hours changing the tanks water or receiving a horrendous electricity bill. This couldn't be further from the truth if you choose to have cold water gold fish we have had ours for a year now and they have been a wonderful pet for the kid's. I was delighted to be contacted by Swell UK and offered to review some products from their large range.

We decided to settle on the air operated volcano and Eheim Air Pump so we could get the full benefit from the volcano. Once we settled on our order we only had to wait two day's until it arrived, we received a number of emails updating us on the parcels progress. We found using the website a pleasure it was very simple to navigate around and was very clear.

The items were very well packed and were of very high quality the pump especially was of solid construction and runs ultra quietly. The Swell Air operated volcano was £5.29 (RRP £8.99) and the Eheim air pump 100 was £21.19 (RRP £29.00). I would expect to pay an awful lot more than this for the items from an aquarium retailer. I'm very very happy with the value for money, I have check a number of other products from the Swell UK, Swell Reptiles and Swell Pets websites and all have very reasonable prices.

The aquarium looked fairly bare before we added the volcano, its colourful bold design really is a great addition.

The product works really well, the air pump box had all the pipes needed to connect to the volcano and it fitted together perfectly. When we turned it on the fish were a little startled, but two days of having it on and off they seem to actively play with the bubbles. Having an air pump in your aquarium really helps with adding oxygen to the water.

We have not pictured the pump as its just resting on top of a box, we hadn't realised that it had to be hung above the fish tank on a hook. This would be the only negative thing to come out of our experience with Swell and it was only born out of our inexperience. However it might have been nice to have something in the description for inexperienced people like ourselves.

If you do not have an aquarium and are still unconvinced, there are hundreds of starter kits which have everything to get you up and running. The kits are designed for total beginners and have very easy to understand instructions. Swell UK sell start up aquariums, in fact one of my favourite Bloggers received one such aquarium for review Kelly from Tia's Mum 12 its a great read.

To sum it up, we will be using swell UK again ! We want a larger aquarium in the near future and we have already been window shopping. 

What pets do your little one have?


  1. Sienna got 5 fish but 3 have died within a month :( Boooooo

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Parenting & Lifestyle blog

  2. Goldfish are great pets - it teaches responsibility without the complete responsibility of a dog or cat that require more attention. I really like the volcano you've got, reminds me of the one in Finding Nemo!