Wednesday, 4 December 2013

See what the kids are getting for Christmas

 As we like to do every year its that time to take stock and see where we are with the Christmas shopping for the kid's. We were somewhat shocked to realise just how much we have already have brought, in fact its safe to say we are now done.

The kid's will be spoilt something rotten this year with some many new toys to choose from. We have been storing all of the kids presents at my poor mums house, we have literally taken over her bedroom with them.

 These four pictures are the best I could do with very limited space and a full bed !

You have to bare something in mind when looking at this picture, yes the pile is big and yes its goodness knows how many hundreds of pounds. But this is it, these toys will be all they get all year. We will not buy anything else during the year with the exception of on birthdays this way we totally renew their toy stock for the year, Its a good way of not accumulating too many toys.

The boys stocking presents were separate on the floor so we could simply see what we had, obviously it became apparent that we were done. The main reason for taking photos of them all is when they are wrapped you always forget. 

The boys stocking presents, we have not yet sorted Olivia's stocking presents.

 The boys have been asking for these for months and keep saying 'Santa is going to make our tractors'. We picked these two up from Tesco's direct and I know they will love them especially as they have been asking for them. They have also been asking for scooters but not just any scooters ' big boy scooters'.

So it is safe to say the kids will having a lovely Christmas ! Do you think the pile is too much ? Do you think there is not enough ? We would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Lovely to see all their Pressies James and Katy they will be very happy little people :-) x x

    1. They will be I cant wait to see their faces thinking about video recording them!