Thursday, 5 December 2013

Shared parental leave from 2015

I remember last year the Lib Dem's outlined proposals for parents to share 12 months of leave after the birth of a child. Thus helping women return to work and allowing men to have more involvement in the early months. I have often felt like the two weeks I had off with all three of my children was simple inadequate in so many ways:

Two weeks are simply not enough because
  • Help is required further than two weeks whilst life adjusts
  • Bonding with baby, two weeks is simply not enough.
  • Workplace criticism and prejudiced rife with the current time off.
  • Pressure to return to work means time spent off is wasted with other essential jobs.

 New plans which were revealed last week means starting in 2015 a couple could share their leave so long as they provide their employer with a plan of how they will share the leave. The plan's mean you will need to provide the indicative plan eight weeks before the leave starts and you will be able to change it twice in the year-long leave.

This would have been amazing, just to have that extra few weeks would have made all the difference. I would have bonded so much more with the children and it would have made that transition from 1-2 and 2-3 children so much easier.

I think the new plans make for a much fairer work place. Currently its commonly accepted that a mother can take flexible working hours or leave early to pick children up from nursery. I think this is absolutely the right thing for a workplace to commonly accept, however a  man wanting to do the same thing is often treated differently.

Im very excited for the men who want to be more hands on with their children to feel a little bit more able to. I'm someone who doesn't care for image or matcho man syndrome but I know a lot potential great dads out there maybe held back simply by the way things are.

What do you think about the new proposals ?


  1. This would be great, the first 2 weeks flew by and before I knew it Warren was back to work! A bit longer would be fab!

    1. I know the two weeks fly by, wish I had more time maybe will have to have more ! Four kids ! Gulp !

  2. All good initiatives. Just wont come quickly enough for me with baby 3 due in Mar for the early bonding. The trouble w ehave is my job is the main earner and unpaid leave is difficult for us

    1. Same here mate I am the so called bread winner ! I think I would have liked to have an extra two weeks just to really bond. I hated leaving for work the first day .

  3. How wonderful! I'm not sure how I missed this news but it's a brilliant idea, and one I hope actually happens. I remember my husband being heartbroken on his return to work after two weeks. The whole week before he returned we were bombarded with a constant stream of visitors so it was never just the three of us.