Saturday, 7 December 2013

The boy can wash-up

I was stood doing the dishes one day this week and all of a sudden I was approached by Charlie my eldest. He wanted to help to do the dishes so I quickly finished up the main ones and allowed him to drag the kitchen chair up and don the apron. I was humouring him really, I thought I'd be a good dad and let him feel like he was helping. 

I think it is because he has to help at nursery but the few dishes left he actually did a great job on, it really surprised me. I wish I had left the lot for him,of course I would never be so horrid. It made me so pleased to see his development and that he was learning so much.

I'm really looking forward to all of the kid's coming home from school excited to tell me that snippet of information they have learnt. You never know what those snippets of information are going to lead too in the future maybe a Deep sea diver?, Ballet dancer?, racing car driver?, pilot on an aeroplane? or even an Engineer on a steam train ? (I had fun writing that sentence)

I'm already so proud of what the Kid's are achieving and what they will eventually achieve ! Parenting really is the most rewarding thing that anyone can do and when you get a cracking photo like this one it sum's it all up.

Harry has such a photograph-able face, we all think he will be a real heart breaker when he is older. He already flirts with as many girls as he can opting for the hide then cutely peek out from behind something routine.

As a side note, Olivia is feeling poorly again so is not involved in many family activity's hence why she is not featured on posts much. All she has had recently is poorly spell after poorly spell.

Does your little one help with the dishes ?

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