Saturday, 11 January 2014

Charlies 4 Years Old

I write this post on the eve on my eldest turning four years old, where has the time gone. Whilst we have been distracted by Harry's temper tantrums and Olivia's rapid growth we have almost failed to notice just how much of a proper big boy Charlie has become.

He is a really polite and well mannered little boy most of the time, he can have his moments but they are far and few between. We have been very keen on manners, our little family saying is manners are free and should be used. To see what we have insisted upon shine through in his personality makes us very proud parents. For example we were at a gathering not long ago and there were lots of children there and Charlie was the only one that we heard say please or thank you without prompting (even Harry needed reminding) and when they were all given napkins Charlie was the only one to use it, he spread it out neatly across his lap and used it to wipe his face.

Charlie can often be a little bit shy to begin with but with a little encouragement he soon finds his feet in most social situations. He will often take over and provide leadership to most games and role play situations with out being selfish, this is something nursery have picked up and said he shines through with. He is heading for big things so long as he doesn't have his daddy's silly self confidence issues.

He is very proud of his possessions and he likes to know he has certain things which are his, although he will always happily share. We are very big on encouraging them to respect their belongings, look after them and play nicely so nothing is ruined or damaged through bad behaviour and Charlie takes that all on board.

With all his new toys from Christmas it has left us with a challenge to know what to actually get him for his Birthday. We have decided to get the smaller types of toys which go with the sets he already has to enchance his playtime. We have also got him a tablet which we know he will absolutely love, we have loaded it with all the games he likes so he can get straight on and use it. We will also be taking him to the cinema for the first time to see the film Frozen it looks really good and he is so excited.

We hope our lovely little boy enjoys his birthday and I will let you all know what he made of it soon.