Sunday, 5 January 2014

Olivia's a big girl now

It is about time I bring you up too speed on my baby girl, sorry did I type baby girl ? I meant to write massive big girl, who is growing up too fast and better stop growing else I'll just stomp my feet ! Yes we have reached that threshold where baby girl gives way to toddler (Realistically this happened about 3 Months ago), its upsetting in a happy but sad way. So many great things can now be achieved, mountains conquered yet it was only yesterday that you had a hapless totally reliant baby to coo over.

It has been lovely to see Olivia on a daily basis learn new things from her troublesome brothers, she looks around proud as punch when she achieves something new. She is 13 Months old now and her hair is really becoming long and so super soft I love to run my fingers through it. Her little cheeky smile is something else, it warms my heart. Every time I come home from work I'm met by the most excitable warm smile a Daddy could ask for.

However she can also pull off a pretty good scowl as you can see from the photographic evidence below.

This is a Harry face if every I saw one !

She has so many expressions now almost one to suit every occasion. She eats exactly what we eat within reason which is really good, the boys were a little bit more fussy than she is. She will still have her bottle of milk but she only has that out of habit and for comfort. She likes her soothers so I'm envisaging the transfer from bottle to no bottle or just juice a lot easier than Harry's transfer. Harry was a total nightmare he relied totally on his bottle of milk for comfort and nothing else. Read about that night mare story by following the link, I had to dig deep in to the archive for this post so excuse the juvenile Blog post !

She has recently been cutting teeth on and off there never seems to be much of break between them coming through. She gets so clingy when she is cutting them it can be very hard to actually get anything done as she just wants holding all the time. It has messed her sleeping patterns up, she was sleeping through the night beautifully until recently. She will now wake up regularly and just cry for attention, even if she has no teeth coming through. It is hard but we are trying to leave her as much as possible so she doesn't get used to getting snuggles at night-time even though they are the best.

That is pretty much Olivia at the moment she is the most precious thing in the world to me :-)