Thursday, 23 January 2014

Weekly Weigh in #3

Weekly Journal, Week 3, Thursday 22th January

Previous Weight - 15 Stone 12 1/2 lbs

New Weight - 15 Stone 12 1/4 lbs

Change - Slight Loss ! 1/4 lb (After my week I will take that)

What has gone well ?

I have continued to enjoy yummy slimming world recipes and I have not felt the need to snack during the week at work.

Where have you struggled ?

The feature of last weeks struggle was Charlies Birthday and unfortunately this has been the reason again for only a small loss. We had to book his Party a week after his actual birthday day which should be no big deal go to the party and continue with healthy eating. The day was so hectic that we totally lost all control of routine and ended up in a dangerous place. Two McDonalds and Chinese takeaway later I join you today stunned that I have had a loss, all be it tiny.

How have I still lost after all that ? I'm not sure and I have no scientific evidence to support this but I kept my cool. Although I had some big mid week wobbles, inbetween I have been an angle (Hard to believe yes I know)

Goals/Aims for next week ? (Realistic Goals)

We have a clear week ahead, I'm not anticipating any major schedule disruption this will make it easier to plan. Plan ! Something I have not been doing, someone on twitter suggested this helps a lot. On Thursday I will sit down and plan what I will be having during the week, this gives me something to look forward to. I will keep a food diary, then next week will share it with you all. I would be very interested to see other peoples, why not keep on yourself and publish it? Let me know if you do.

How will you achieve your goals ?

Thursday will be planning evening the plan will remain on the fridge so it is something to inspire you to not snack. The food diary will be key this week for getting a good weight loss come Thursday.

If you want to follow along then feel free to use my Journal questions and just fill in your answers either for your own benefit, link me in or comment and I will support you as much as I can.