Friday, 28 March 2014

Mighty Corona Coffee Table !

This year we decided that as and when we could afford to we would begin to buy some home furniture to help make the house much more liveable/homey. The latest addition to the house was the Corona Coffee table from The Range at the fantastic price of £69.99. We already have a number of items from the Corona range in the living room, it made sense to make everything match.

We really love the value for money the Corona range gives you and for what you pay you receive good quality furniture. With three children we didn't want expensive items getting dented by toys or stained with food. In my opinion the corona coffee table is slightly higher than an average one, we thought that this would be good with Olivia to make it less appealing to climb upon.

The table came flat packed, if fact it was so compact when the guy from the warehouse brought it out I thought he had the wrong box because it was so thin. We opened it and everything about the tables assembly was simple, you run the risk with more affordable furniture that the manufacture quality is low.

We have found the quality of the furniture to be great, everything we needed to assemble the coffee table was provided less the screw drivers. The kids were very keen to help Harry and Olivia grabbing for screws and Charlie grabbing for Daddies screwdriver. We were able to let the kids place the screws into the assembly holes provided on the internal faces. I, of course, was the only one to do the hard work ! After one turn of the screw driver Charlie lost interest opting to play with the road map we made from the empty cardboard box !

The next thing we would like to get for the house is a rug for the living room, for too long now it has been a large bare space. We have seen one which is from The Range (Our new favourite shop!) and it is only £50 we will save a few pennies and go back soon to buy it. Getting the rug will finalise the living room, we have thought about another side unit but I think it would swamp the room. The only thing left to get would be the soft furnishings which we can pick up here and there as we see things we like.

I have really enjoyed keeping you up to date on what we are doing around the home, I think it is an important part of our lives so should be documented. The kids really take pride in being able to help daddy out and I try to let them figure out what they need to do themselves to teach them some practical skills.Today Harry wanted to help so asked dived straight in and grabbed a tool which was swiftly nabbed back, so he could help I just said put the screw where it needs to go. With out any instruction he picked it up and thought for a brief moment before placing it exactly where it had to go. I was so proud of him and he was very excited to have actually helped.